What a miserable night this is. We have freezing rain and there's ice everywhere. It's just 31 degrees and rain is falling but as soon as it hits a surface, it freezes. We have tiny icicles hanging from the clapboards of the house and all along the deck railing. I just took a few pictures - the last one is one of our windows, covered in ice. While I was getting the pictures, the rain began turning to snow. That will probably weigh down the branches of trees even more, so there will be lots of power outages tonight. So far we're good, but it's early in this storm.
     I've had the scanner on and the road crews are busy. Fortunately, there has been no traffic by our house since folks got home around supper time. I guess everyone knows it's a good night to stay put unless you absolutely have to go somewhere. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, and I hope everyone who has to get to work or appointments makes it ok. The roads will not be good in the morning. There are winter weather advisories for most of Vermont and northern New York until 10 am tomorrow.


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