The following is from the Kingdom Access Animal Shelter in St. Johnsbury:
Helen Morris said this is a wonderful dinner and a fun way to support the shelter. If you haven't visited the KAS website lately, here's a link: Click Here

The weather this morning is not bad at all - a little rain, and that may make the driving a little tricky because there could be icy spots, still. But the road crews have been busy keeping roads safe for travelers. I heard one of the V-Trans people saying that many of the accidents they had on the interstate this past ice storm were because people have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles and they become over-confident and go too fast for the conditions. I think this is a really big problem even when the roads are dry. People seem to forget that their car is really a missile that weighs one or two tons and traveling at high speeds, no matter what your wheels are doing, you are not going to stop or even change the direction that vehicle is heading quickly.  Not only that, but the suv's are generally built higher off the ground so they are not going to take corners like a low-down sportscar, regardless of the wheel power. So please be careful and remember that you have a high-powered weapon in your control (hopefully, safely!).

We are expecting today to get windy and much colder later on. Winds could be gusting up to 50 mph, so there could be power outages. Please be careful of gusting winds and possible fallen trees and limbs or  other debris in the air. Winter is NOT over!


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