We are back in winter mode, for sure. The wind is still blowing, but not as wildly as it did all night. The snow has been blowing around so it was impossible for me to get a measurement this morning. There was some new snow, and I measured half an inch, but there were bare spots on the same board, so I'm thinking that measurement was worthless. Even what was in the big plastic tube wouldn't be a true reading - I'm sure some horizontal snow was caught in there along with anything that was falling in between wind gusts. 
     The temperature is better than it was - I had a low of -11F, and now it's up to +15F. The wind was supposed to be out of her by 10 a.m., but we're still getting very strong gusts that send the chill factor to zero or a little below. The sun is nice, though! Great to sit inside where it's cozy warm and watch the snow sweeping down West Shore Road.
     We got a new scanner this week so now I can hear the emergency calls and know what the road crews are up to. It's quite different than my old scanner - the one my father had for years before I used it. This also operates on batteries so I can take it anywhere and not have to depend on electricity. It also has a non-stop weather report going on for all of northern New York, and all of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Pretty interesting.


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