Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Photos to Commemorate JPA's Birthday!

 I received this message from Susan Bouchard this morning:

We need your help to celebrate JPA's 100th birthday this year!!!  Jamie Dimick along with his team at KATV will create a slide show so we need historically significant photos of Joe's Pond.  By donating these photos, please understand you are agreeing to have these photos possibly shared on the internet / JPA's website in the future. 
The slide show will be shown during the Cocktail Party on August 21 and during the Fall Meeting on August 28 so there will be plenty of time for everyone to view the slide show.  
All photos need to be received by August 14 to be included in the slide show.  For hardcopy photos, please place in an envelope with your name so the photo can be returned to you.  These printed photos can be given to Susan Bouchard, Pam Hebert, Linda Livendale or Susan Yesalonia.  If you scan your photos please ensure they are at least 300dpi and do not reduce the size.  To send your digital photos via email, please send to Jane Brown (joespondvt@gmail.com).
If you have any questions, please contact Susan Bouchard at 802-563-2716. 

Sunday, August 01, 2021

Lorraine Porter

 Another long-time Joe's Ponder has passed away. Lorraine Porter (Sandy Beach Road) died in June. I just learned of her passing; she hasn't been at the pond for several years, not since her husband, Phil Porter, passed away. Phil and Lorraine loved Joe's Pond, and we always looked forward to seeing them over the years. Phil worked for one of the electric power companies and commuted to work from Joe's Pond during the summer. Lorraine seemed to be a perfect balance for her out-going husband, and she will be dearly missed by her family and friends. If you wish to send condolences to the family, you can send them to Lorraine's home, 1333 Santa Barbara Blvd, #569, Cape Coral FL 33991. That is the last address I had for her.

More rain today, and chilly. I've had another bout of vertigo - probably brought on because I have not been on a very good sleep schedule lately. Or just the arthritis flaring up and pinching off some nerves in the back of my neck. Who knows? Today has been a very quiet one for me - painting put on hold (not a good drying day, anyway) and after taking a meclizine this morning, I've slept a good portion of the day. However, I don't think I'll have a problem sleeping tonight. I've been up for a while, had something to eat, looked at email, and now I'm really tired! Incredible! I was grateful I had nothing important scheduled, so I could laze around all I wanted. I hope tomorrow I'm completely clear of the dizziness and fuzzy feeling so I can get back to painting and life as usual. After all these years dealing with occasional vertigo, I've learned to just give in and stay in bed when it happens.


Saturday, July 31, 2021


 I just want to remind everyone about the Pig Roast a week from tonight at the Joe's Pond Association pavilion. Tickets are $20 and the meal is always wonderful. Plus, there are a lot of fun and interesting people who go to these suppers. Not just Joe's Pond residents, but from the surrounding communities. The thing is, if you want to go, you really need to get your tickets NOW! The last few days before the event, tickets will be in high demand. I just ordered ours, and we're looking forward to a great meal and a fun evening. 

Today has been very quiet my carpenter friends off for the weekend. Actually, they only got half a day in on Friday. They got the roof finished (left) and then it began to rain. Curt had to come on his motorcycle because the battery in his car died, so he was anxious to head for home when it began to sprinkle rain; Randy had plans for the weekend, so it was good for him, too. It was good that they quit when they did - it rained quite hard a couple of hours later. 

Jamie stopped by on his way home from work yesterday and we went out onto the "porch" and decided where the railings should be (between screens). I didn't want it to be in my line of vision, but because the porch is raised quite high above ground level on two sides, we thought it best to have a railing there for safety's sake. Jamie brought tape (see pink tape in picture at right) and we both eyeballed the imaginary railing. We left the tape for Randy and Curt when they come back on Monday. 

Friday wasn't a great day for painting and I had to wait longer than usual between coats, so I didn't accomplish much. Today was different. I got a lot done, but darn it, the weather is more like late August rather than the beginning. It was downright chilly working in the garage. I layered up, and even though I was busy and moving around, I was happy to come inside mid morning to warm up a bit. It would have been fine in the sunshine, but I had things open for good circulation and that cold wind seemed to channel right through the garage. Good for drying paint, but chilly for working. I dashed out a few minutes ago to take this picture and it's really getting chilly.  My thermometer is reading 57 next to the driveway, and 55 on the front deck. The air feels like fall. I put the garage door down and it's several degrees warmer in the garage than it is outside. I hope we don't get a frost!

We are expecting more rain tomorrow, but I only have a few more boards to finish, so it will be ok. I'll have everything done by the time they get here to begin working on Monday - or on Tuesday if it's still  raining. I think the rain is supposed to end sometime Monday a.m. but I may not have any workers here until Tuesday. I think they have some inside work that they can be doing and may take care of that rather than come here. I'm ok with that. They have made good progress, and I don't mind a day or two of quiet! I have emails and other projects to catch up on - plus, I haven't been getting in my usual nap after lunch most days! I don't intend to nap, but I usually watch the noon news and Across the Fence, depending on what the program is about; then I watch Young and the Restless soap opera, if I'm not too busy with something more important. That's when I involuntarily take a nap! But not so much lately with all the pounding and sawing going on. I was thinking today - the weather better get a lot warmer once that porch is finished. I want a chance to enjoy it before snow flies!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

 I received a note from Jim Gabert this morning (Old Homestead Road):  My wife and I are in the process of selling our camp and we have 2 kayaks we’d like you to post on the blog for sale. Both kayaks are 12 foot Wilderness Systems Pungo 120’S. They’re both in excellent condition and only used lightly when we’re there in the summer, and stored indoors for the winter. Both kayaks come with paddles and life-vests. We paid $725 each for them and would like to sell them at $500 each. Our home # is (717) 767-4818 and my cell # is (717) 817-4745.

I'm sorry to learn Jim and Carla are leaving Joe's Pond - but as we all know, over time circumstances change causing us to make life changes. We will miss them.

There have been lots of changes during the past year. The real estate market is apparently booming and this is an excellent time to sell property. It seems lots of people are seeing Vermont as a preferred place to live - for a variety of reasons. And I can understand that - there is no place I'd rather live than where I am. In spite of sometimes bitterly cold weather,  long, snowy months, muddy roads, black flies, ticks and often limited opportunities, we are very fortunate here in the north country. 

I don't have a handle on everything that might threaten my serenity, but my screened porch is going to go a long way in controlling how many pests can reach me (human variety not considered - I'll still get robo calls . . . .) Yesterday was Day 10 and half the roof is on. They will do the other half today and work out some flashing problems and getting vinyl siding back in place. I'm working on putting the finish on the wainscoting that will go on the ceiling. With a couple of good drying days ahead, that will go quickly.  I have a system! Randy put up a drying rack for me, so I'm back at it today. I have to go to St. J. for a haircut and a few groceries later this morning, but will be back at work after lunch.

The memorial for Billy Rossi was lovely yesterday. It was so nice to see his mom, Alba, who is 105; and so many friends and members of his and Dianne's family. It was a large crowd, but I'm sure Billy would have approved and would have appreciated such a nice party. It was truly a celebration of the life of a man who had many, many friends who cared deeply for him.

Our weather is going to be unusually cool for the next few days, and that's good for working outside, but not so great for vacationers. We'll warm up again, but for now, it sure is feeling a bit like fall. Too soon, but there will still be some nice weather left for all of us to enjoy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Big Birthday Party Coming Up!

 There is a big party being planned for Joe's Pond Association's 100th birthday! Mark your calendars for August 21 - the JPA Cocktail Party that's also a special celebration of JPA's 100 years of service and activities on Joe's Pond. Linda Livendale and Susan Yesalonia sent this message:

Since this year is the 100th anniversary of the JPA, we would like our Silent Auction to be Joe’s Pond memorabilia…I.e. old post cards, framed pictures of the pond, pictures of the loons, aerial photo of the pond, Joe’s Pond sign, etc.   We need to know items beforehand so if you have anything you’d like to donate, please either call, text or email Linda Livendale (802-272-6564, ljlivendale@yahoo.com) or Sue Yesalonia (802-793-3973, Susan.yesalonia1957@gmail.com).
Start digging through your photo albums and closets - it's a great time to share and compare memorabilia associated with Joe's Pond. Maybe a wood-burned sign or even a copy of an old photo you could scan and frame and put in the auction for others who might enjoy having a copy. Old maps are always a favorite item, Joe's Pond tee-shirts from out of the past - so many possibilities.

My porch project is moving along - the roof went on yesterday, and at least one side will get shingled today, if all goes well. There will be some finagling needed around the chimney on one side, and a complex gutter situation where the roofs come together on this side (in photo), but Randy has a plan. Drain pipes are ready and all that's needed will be to get the gutters fitted in place so they will catch the rain as it pours off the roofs of the main house. I'm very happy with everything so far. The work site is a mess, and the tracks where trucks have had to go back and forth across the back lawn are getting deeper (and muddier) with every rain storm, but that can all be fixed later. Ben Ackermann still has to use that pathway to get his big equipment into the woods when he starts working on digging the pond, and parts of the lawn may need to be re-seeded again, but that's all ok. There's still landscaping to do. It will be nice not to have the lower lawn so wet once the pond is in and some of the springs on the hillside are diverted into it.

I measured .18 inches of precipitation this morning, and the ground here at my house is fairly soggy. I think we must have made up most of the rain we've been lacking. The trees and grass seem to be still lush and green, but from now on there will be a decline in the growing season for everything as the weather begins to turn from summer into fall. Time has flown by this summer. I saw a Cabot school bus go by at about 8 o'clock this morning - not unlike during the regular school year. I'm not sure what that was about, but it reminded me that summer is nearly over and it won't be long before leaves are turning, and we are heading into winter again. 
Hopefully, the nation won't be thrust into another pandemic by fall. I dread watching the news these days - too many people refusing to get vaccinated even though they must see that the numbers are not in their favor, going up rapidly among unvaccinated people. We were so close to having this thing under control - it's a shame people are still not confident enough that the vaccine is safe - and that it works! As I waited in line at a supermarket the other day, I overheard an interesting conversation. A lady was very sincerely telling another woman (both probably in their 50s) that she wasn't getting the vaccine because she didn't trust it and she depended on her faith in God to protect her. The other woman responded that she felt the same way, but when the vaccine was made available so quickly and safety tests done so rapidly, she knew God was behind all of it. How else could it have happened so quickly, she asked her friend. The other woman looked a little startled at first and I wondered if she was angry or just didn't hear, but then I think the light dawned. Her face lit up and I thought she looked relieved. They moved on and I didn't catch the rest of the conversation, but it made me smile. I bet she went home and made an appointment to be vaccinated! Or better yet, maybe she stopped at one of the drugstores and got her shot!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Rosalie Harris

 Very sad news today: Rosalie Harris, longtime summer resident on Old Homestead Road, passed away at her home in St. Johnsbury on July 17, 2021.

I've known Rosalie for many years she was one of the first people I met when I went to work/live in St. Johnsbury in about 1950. She took an interest in anyone and everyone she met, not out of curiosity - she was there to advise or assist if or when needed. Truly a wonderful human. Seeing all the things she was involved in, I am impressed and amazed, but not surprised. She was a dynamo of energy and kept very busy while raising a wonderful family. Very special person. I hadn't seen Rosalie for several years, but every now and then I had a note from her, and it was always a joy to feel connected somehow. I feel a true sense of personal loss, but I realize her passing has a much larger impact; her family, so many friends, and the entire community. There should be more Rosalies in our world. My deepest sympathy to her family.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Reminders of Upcoming Celebrations, and Past Occurrances

Please remember that a Memorial Service for Bill Rossi will be held at the Joe's Pond Association pavilion this Wednesday, July 28, 2021, from 4 to 6 p.m. Friends and family are all welcome.

The annual Pig Roast is at the JPA pavilion on August 7, with a social hour plus at 5 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $20. Contact Mary Anne Cassani at 684-2195 or Bo Keach at 684-3673 to reserve your ticket.

The annual Cocktail Party will be held on August 21 from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This is a very special party because it is Joe's Pond Association's 100th birthday! There will be more about that at a later time, but the Board hopes for an especially good turnout of JPA members and friends from the community and beyond. Mark your calendar and plan to stop by.

Saturday night's Italian Dinner was a huge success. There were lots of people there and everyone had a great time. Shelly Walker and I went together - Henretta Splain was supposed to go with us, but she had to bow out last minute, so she got "take out" and that worked perfectly for her. The crews that manage these dinners are very willing to accommodate special needs when asked. They assist in finding vacant spots at tables, and make sure everyone is taken care of properly. The cooks for Saturday's meal are pictured here:  From left to right, Joey Calcagni, Steve Larrabee, Joe Hebert, Butch Bouchard, Couie Cassani and Jamie Stewart. Larry Rossi and Michelle Parker (below) took care of the sauce, and it was excellent. Thanks to JPA Secretarial Assistant, Joanne Stewart, for the photos.

After a good rain storm in the morning, the weather cleared for the 2nd Sunfish Sailboat race for 2021.  It was another typical day of sailing on Joe's Pond with shifting winds.
The results for race were:
Single Division
  1. Billy Hamilton (pictured on the right)
  2. Jay Chatot
  3. Jules Chatot
  4. Nick Wood
Double Division
  1. Lee Erdmann with granddaughter Ava McCann (pictured right)

I don't know if everyone had rain last night, but I measured .18 inches this morning. I have noticed there has been a lot of smoke in the air today - the forest fires out west are still out of control and that is the smoke we are seeing and smelling here. There will probably be some rain tonight, and that may clean the air a bit.

Good progress was made today on my porch. They will have the underlayment on the roof probably tomorrow, and will begin shingling it. There will still be a lot of interior work to do, but it's coming along!

I have one more photo I want to show you. It is of a Cabot girl, Erlene Barnett, taken in

the 1950s or somewhere about then, probably. The thing is, her daughter is wondering where it was taken. She says it was somewhere in Vermont, and thought it might have been Joe's Pond, but I am quite positive it was not taken here. I have no idea what the big tank is behind her, and the shoreline has no visible cottages. If anyone has an idea where it may have been, please contact me, janebrowncabot@gmail.com and I will give the information to Erlene's daughter. Erlene died fairly recently, and her daughter is trying to put together some of he mom's history before she left Vermont as a young woman. She was in school when I was going to highschool in Cabot, and I knew her then. She was a very petite, very pretty, and very fashion conscious. Not only that, she was always great fun to be around, and everyone liked her. Most of that family are gone now, but I expect there are a few people left in Cabot who remember her. She could have been a 50s model, don't you think?

The Cabot fire truck went whizzing down West Shore Road a little while ago, siren going; I turned on my scanner, but didn't hear anything that I could make out that would help figure out what was going on. There may be news later. It could have been an accident on Route 2 or perhaps a fire, but at this point I don't know. I haven't heard it return, but it might have gone back a different way. Fire trucks, ambulances and police vehicles are all worrisome when they appear on our road. I'll probably never get used to them. In the cities, nobody pays much attention to any of that, but here it sends chills up my spine because it could be someone I know in trouble. We'll hope it was nothing too serious.

Photos to Commemorate JPA's Birthday!

 I received this message from Susan Bouchard this morning: We need your help to celebrate JPA's 100th birthday this year!!!  Jami...