Saturday, August 17, 2019

Moon Shots

I received this photos from my friend, Mary who used to live in Duxbury. She recently sold her home and is presently residing with her son and daughter-in-law  in the Rutland area. They took a ride last week to watch the "Sturgeon Moon" rise over Lake Bomoseen. I wasn't aware there was such a moon, but I Googled it (of course!) and found it is a name given to the full moon of August. It is also sometimes called the "Full Red Moon" due to it's reddish color, "Green Corn Moon" or "Grain Moon." According to the Farmers' Almanac, it was named by Indian fishing tribes for the sturgeons in the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water. It seems August was/is a good month to catch the big fish.

Mary is such a good photographer. I've often tried to capture good pictures of the moon and almost always fail dismally. She said after they watched the moon the went to a place called "Roxie's" for creemees. She was also remembering a place between Plainfield and Marshfield on Route 2 that she used to visit with her family when she was young, and wondered if I knew it. It was called "Merrybob's Snack Bar," and she described it as being "just past Plainfield heading towards Marshfield. I don't recall the name, but wonder if it was near where the little covered bridge is now, across from the big barn that was used as storage for many years but is now falling down. There's a little park area on the right, and what used to be a snack bar on the opposite side that now has second-hand furniture and other stuff. Someone may remember Merrybob's!

I made applesauce today. Our old tree is loaded with apples, but is already dropping them, and they aren't full size yet. They are not very good quality, but I was able to find enough for a small batch of sauce. Even our big old Transparent tree is dropping its fruit early this year. Probably due to the heat and dry weather we've had.

Our dry spell is being cancelled out tonight. We are getting a steady rain - it's muggy, and there are some rumbles of thunder, but it doesn't seem to be a bad storm - yet. Electrical storms are not a favorite of mine. We are supposed to be getting more of this same  weather through the weekend and well into next week, but with off and on sunshine. I know we need the rain, but it's also going to be very humid so nothing will ever get really dried out, inside or outside.

We are growing tomatoes in containers this year - I have one pot on the back lawn and another on the front deck. They are doing well, but in containers they need to be watched carefully to keep them sufficiently watered. It isn't like having them in the ground where they can absorb water from deep down. It is convenient, though, and pest control is much easier. I grew a little lettuce this year in a container, as well, and use coffee grounds around it to keep the snails off. I love having fresh lettuce - and tomatoes right off the vine (in a few more weeks). The tomatoes are showing signs of ripening and they will come around quickly now, I think. I had one small ripe one last week, but it was damaged on the bottom and spoiled. The others look fine. That is the extent of my gardening these days!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Eagle in Residence, Clear Water and Bylaw Changes

I have quite a lot of news for you this morning. First a warning from Pat and George Parizo (Sandy Beach Road):

Hi Jane -  This afternoon [Thursday] Pat was sitting on the road side deck reading when an adult eagle landed in an tree less than 20 feet away!
Our 8 pound poodle was with Pat outside. She grabbed the dog and beat feet into the house!  Of course the eagle headed for the high country and Pat could not care about pictures at that point. The Poodle could not understand why Pat was so upset! Josie ( for Joe's Pond) was not going to be Eagle Food!!  

Joe's Ponders, please keep an eye on your small dogs and Cats.

George & Pat Parizo

Next: Pam and Joe Hebert report that Joe's Pond has tested clear of the blue/green algae again this week. The three problem areas, Missisquoi Bay and St. Albans Bay in Lake Champlain and Lake Carmi all are still reporting mixed conditions.
Here is a message from your Joe's Pond Association secretary, Jamie Stewart:
  Attached are proposed by-law changes we plan on voting on at the August 24 meeting.  I will send them via email to all of the members but send you this advance copy for the blog: [Note: I received Jamie's email this morning.]

May, 2002; August, 2002, 2004; July, 2018, and August 2019

            The name shall be Joe’s Pond Association, Inc.

The object of the Association shall be to improve the surroundings of the lake, and to promote the general welfare.

ARTICLE III – Officers
Sec. 1.  The Officers & Directors of this Association shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and five Directors. 
Sec. 2.   These officers shall by virtue of their office be members of the Board of Directors.
Sec. 3.   Past President will automatically serve as a Director.
Sec. 4.   Each Director shall be elected for a minimum of a two year term. 

ARTICLE IV – Membership
Sec. 1  Members are defined as lakefront property owners and/or those property owners with a deeded right of way to Joe’s Pond and whose dues are current.
Sec.2.   Current members as of 9/1/02 who do not qualify as defined in Sec. 1 above are grandfathered.  Their membership will expire when the property is sold.  If the property remains within the same family, the membership is retained. 
Sec. 3.  Each property membership shall have one (1) vote.

Sec. 1.  The membership fee shall be forty dollars ($40.00) per property.
Sec. 2.  Dues are due on or before July 7th.  Any member falling in arrears for a period of two consecutive years becomes a non-voting member; however, member’s name will not be removed from the Association signs.  Membership may be re-instated by paying all back dues.

ARTICLE VI – Meetings
Sec. 1.  The annual meeting shall be held at the call of the President during the first two weeks in July.
            Sec. 2.  Special meetings may be called by the President and Board of Directors.

ARTICLE VII – Duties of Officers
Sec. 1.  The four named officers and five named directors shall be known as the Executive Board.
Sec. 1  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and Board of Directors.
Sec. 2.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall exercise all duties of the President.
Sec. 3.  The Secretary shall keep all the records of the Association and maintain a list of the members with their addresses.  He/she shall give notice to each member of all meetings of the Association, and shall conduct the official correspondence of the Association.
Sec. 4.  The Treasurer shall receive the income of the Association and deposit same in a bank account, and under the direction of the Board of Directors, shall dispense it.  The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements, and at each meeting, shall give a detailed account of same.
Sec. 5.   It is the duty of the Treasurer and President to decide on the Association’s bank accounts.
Sec. 6.  The Directors shall chair the various committees.

ARTICLE VIII – Committees
The Board of Directors shall appoint such committees as may be necessary for the promotion of the best interest of the Association and such committees shall serve until successors are appointed.  The President will appoint a Nominating Committee of three (3) members for the purpose of selecting a slate of Officers and Directors  to be submitted to the membership for a vote at the annual meeting in odd number years.

At an Association meeting, twenty (20) voting members present in person shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE X – Changes in Bylaws
At any meeting of the Association, these Bylaws may be amended, altered, or repealed by a majority vote, provided at least one week’s notice of the proposed change has been given.
                                                JPA Board of Directors

Thursday, August 15, 2019

One of the regular readers of this blog issued a complaint (sort of) today that sometimes there isn't anything new posted each day. I've had that complaint before - and all I can say is that I'm truly sorry. It's very nice when people tell me it's the "first thing I read every morning." That's a lot of pressure, guys! And don't think I take my responsibility lightly here. My dilemma is - which is worse, to write some kind of drivel that isn't worth turning your computer on for, or to write nothing at all? Sometimes I'm saved by someone asking a question or sending me something to post. That always makes it easy for me. Other times I have to stir up the old neurons and come up with something all on my own. Usually I fall back on the reserve most of us old folks have - lots of memories, experiences and personal opinions gathered over decades of living, all the while keeping it fit for print. That can be a challenge in this day of political correctness and rage.

I was out and about today, had a couple of things to check out at the Danville town clerk's office and then went next door (literally, now the little house between town hall and Danville Inn is gone!) to have lunch with middle son, Bob. It's always a hoot when we get together.  It's great when the whole family is together, but when it's one-on-one, I always feel closer to whichever son I'm with. On the way home after lunch I was remembering that those one-on-one sessions years ago when the boys were growing up were really necessary - kind of "mother's therapy sessions" to try to fix things when it became apparent something was bothering one of them. We used to hop into my little blue Opel and head to Boston to the sportsman's show, to Whitefield for a Brubeck concert or Lyndon State College for a play. Sometimes it would just be lunch some place for a clam roll and fries. Whatever excuse to get the kid with the problem isolated with no place to hide from Mom's wisdom - such as it was. Usually all they needed was to come clean about whatever it was that was bothering. But when I look back, those were precious moments for me - and I hope they remember them that way, too. Those were such busy years, it was hard to really connect sometimes.

Today wasn't serious stuff like happened sometimes years ago - fortunately, all three seem to be able to cope pretty darned well with whatever life throws at them; so now it's my turn to need the one-on-one time, otherwise life goes rushing by and I'm constantly being surprised that I have three adult sons, three beautiful daughter-in-law and two lovely grandchildren who are wonderful individuals I always feel I want to get to know better and whose company I thoroughly enjoy.

It was a very nice day. I ran into old friends at both the town offices and at Steve's; met Danville's Zoning Administrator, Linda Leone who I had talked with from time to time over the phone, but never actually met (Linda was kind enough to offer her assistance in case I needed it before she left for lunch); I enjoyed chatting with her, even though there was nothing anyone could do to help me except perhaps carry those heavy ledgers back and forth for me! Boy, those are heavy. It's the same in Cabot, but I don't have to carry them so far there because they have a table right in the vault.

After a quick stop at Larrabee's for a couple items, I was home and back at my computer for a full afternoon working on the history book.  I was surprised that I met someone local just recently who wasn't aware we are writing a history of West Danville. I'm guessing he doesn't read the blog! But I shouldn't be surprised, I guess - who would have thought it would take us six years and we're still not finished?! I'm sure none of us working on the book ever thought it would be such a huge project; but we didn't know then how much material there was/is that we all agree needs to be covered. One thing we really want to do is try our best to get it right. We know there will be glitches, errors, omissions and such, but we are truly trying to get it right.  Dot Larrabee just did a really nice interview with the Perreaults on Injun Joe's, and I'm trying to reach Tom Lauzon for the latest "history" before we close that chapter, but I haven't been able to reach him yet. Maybe tomorrow - which I just noticed at 12:30 a.m. is actually today . . . ! Oh, well.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Last Race of the Season!

The final Sunfish Sailboat race is scheduled this Sunday, August 18 at 1pm.  There will be an award party hosted by Mark and Rosie Smith following the race. Trophies will be presented to the winner of the Single Division and the Double Division.  If you have not registered to race, please contact Susan Bouchard at 802-563-2716 or to register. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Boat Lift for Sale

Shore Station Boat Lift -  In good condition. Can be seen at Joe's Pond, 148 Narrows Drive. (Middle Pond).  I would like $3000 OBO. Contact Bo Keach 274-6545.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Your bag of paddles and balls?

Found at Pickleball Courts last week- one bag with 4 paddles and balls.  Call Jamie Stewart at 8-2-349-3867 to arrange pick-up.

ps.   None of the usual player cohorts knows whose bag it is.   FYI

Friday, August 09, 2019

Here is the latest report on cyanobacteria, from Pam and Joe Hebert, Joe's Pond Association. The report was compiled by Angela Shambaugh, Acting Program Manager, Lakes and Ponds, for the State of Vermont. It was very long, listing Champlain sections and beaches individually as well as many interior lakes and ponds, so I have picked out the information on local bodies of water to post here.

     While Lake Champlain continues to have alerts in the Missisquoi and St. Albans Bay areas, most areas of the lake have cleared this week ending with this report, 8/9/2019.
Lake Carmi still has problems, but low alert conditions were posted.
     All other ponds in our area have good conditions reported with no reports of blooms and are considered safe. This includes Caspian Lake, Coles Pond, Joe's Pond, Lake Memphremagog, Lake Morey, and Ticklenaked Pond. 

      This is a reminder - the final meeting of the Joe's Pond Association isn't far off. The season is nearly over! Saturday, August 24th at 10 a.m. is the final meeting and the last JPA sponsored social gathering of the year is for Joe's Ponders and their friends is that afternoon when it's cocktail time!  Details are on the poster at the right - click to enlarge.

     Looks like we're in for a stretch of cooler, but really nice weather next week. Forecasters are saying there is still plenty of summer left, but it is certainly changing and feeling more like the clear, crisp days we get in September - the kind that start the maple leaves turning. At least we get to enjoy a really lovely period before the cold and snow! Nice that summers go out with literally a blaze of color here in the north country!

     I've been following the terrible news we get recently, with every day a new crime against innocent people seems to happen. I know solutions won't come quickly or easily, but hopefully our law makers will take their jobs seriously sometime soon and work  together to come up with some viable ways to begin to stop the carnage.
     One of the first steps I'd like to see would be to stop the sale of assault type weapons to the general public. Nobody - no real hunter or sportsman needs an assault rifle - and neither do people need that kind of weapon for personal protection. That excuse just doesn't hold up, in my mind. So, companies should be limited to selling them only to the U. S. government for the military. Of course, manufacturers and gun shop owners are going to squawk loudly (not to mention the fuss the NRA would put up) - but maybe the government could soften the blow considerably by just using the same tactic FDR used in 1933 when the Agriculture Adjustment Act was established that paid farmers not to raise crops. So temporarily subsidize manufacturers and sellers - whatever it takes to get those powerful weapons off the streets and out of the hands of crazies. Then tackle getting those troubled people help. It seems there is something seriously lacking in how children are being brought up and educated that causes so many young people to go off the rails. We've lost something in our society that establishes boundaries and teaches young people right from wrong, and somebody better begin correcting that really soon. In addition, the adults in our government should stop acting like spoiled brats and set better examples.
     It's all very troubling, and I know there's no easy fix - even if our law makers surprised us and decided to seriously work on finding solutions.  I know there is a lot more kindness and many more good people than the present terrible acts we hear about make us believe; and I also feel strongly that this will turn around and there will be less of this horrific activity eventually. But even one more life lost is too much.

Moon Shots

I received this photos from my friend, Mary who used to live in Duxbury. She recently sold her home and is presently residing with her son ...