I mentioned a few days ago about the loon nest being in bad shape and needing fixing. I got the following from Scott Pelok, Sandy Beach Road:

The floating loon nest built by Ray Richer started to fall apart in 2018. But by that time the loon pair nested further up Joes creek inlet. The biologist, Eric, said let them nest naturally, so we did and did not bother with pulling or rebuilding the nest. This year however, the loons nested on Joes Island and Eric asked if we would put an artificial island out again to get them out of the main channel around the island. The old artificial island had washed up onto Joes island and we did not want to recover it until the chicks had hatched. They did on Father’s Day and unfortunately were lost in a loon fight the day after. So Eric was even more adamant about rebuilding and trying to get them back up the inlet. 

So, on Friday June 21 with a big help from Jamie Dimick, he and I climbed onto Joes island and pried away what was left of the …
Jamie Dimick just sent the following to me:
I've lost 7x8 inch, 3-foot  pressure treated wooden tie. This is something that I was using on a project at our Camp. High water last week has made it float off and I will come get it if someone has found it.

High winds, high water!

If you wondered what happened to the sailboat race today, we had notice from Susan Bouchard that it was cancelled due to the high winds. The next race will be on July 21st.

If you recognize this container of toys, you can pick it up at Lee Hackett's, 18 Narrows
Drive. Richard Hackett notified us and sent this picture, saying the bucket of toys washed up on his cousin Lee's beach a few days ago when the water was very high. Somebody will certainly be looking for these! Lee said he will leave them under the deck so the owner can pick them up any time.

Butch Bouchard sent this shot of a bear swimming near Sandy Beach Road.  The bear either needed to cool off or was taking a shortcut from one side of the pond to the other. Perhaps he/she was fishing and needed to cool off and wash up after his meal. Thanks for sharing the picture, Butch.

Which reminds me. I don't have all the details yet, but I believe the reason the loons nested "on the little island" this year was because their nesting platform had slipped its mooring and was lodge at the island. Turns out the platform need a major overhaul and with permission and instructions from Eric Hansen of Fish and Wildlife, Scott and Geri Pelok enlisted the help of Jamie Dimick to haul the platform out and the Peloks will refurbish it so it will be sturdy and ready for the loons next year - and will be in its proper place. The poor birds must have had some special sense to be able to locate the nest  when it was gone from the usual location. This hasn't been a good year f…
This morning I had the historical newsletter from the Vermont Historical Society in my mailbox. These are usually very interesting, but today's is especially so because it mentions several items of local interest. At the very end is a short piece about the "Yellow House" tavern that stood on Cabot Plain.  You will also find interesting snippets of  information on the Waterbury Asylum, Barre granite quarries, among other subjects.

When I read about the Yellow House tavern, I realized there was an error in the piece on the Cabot Historical Society site. Archie Stone's account of the tavern is posted there and in that, he referred to "the Beardsley brothers." I learned some time ago from a relative of the Beardsleys who lived in Cabot and did, indeed, build the old tavern and were very active in the community in the late 1700s and early 1800s. However, Horace was Gersham's nephew, not his brother.

It is not unusual to find conflicting information when one …
The inflatable boat fished out of the narrows earlier this week is now at the Allen camp at the junction of Old Homestead and Brown Rd. Owner can pick it up there.

This wind may release a few more items into the water to be blown away from home! It's a beautiful day, but the wind is making the water very choppy. Anything not tied down is probably going to be moved around a bit.

The raft that had escaped and settled in front of Frank Dolan's has been retrieved and returned to it's rightful home.

Please remember to register with Susan Bouchard if you intend to race tomorrow. Her phone is 563-2716. If the wind tomorrow is anything like what we have today, it should be a really exciting race! Good luck staying dry, sailors!

This is a picture of the inflatable boat found in the narrows yesterday. Lee Cobb said he was instructed to leave it at Allen's on Old Homestead Road, but he is unable to get it into his car. Perhaps the owner can come and retrieve it - it's at Lee and Karen Cobb's at 98 Narrows Drive. It looks like a really nice boat, and someone is no doubt missing it - or will be. The Cobb's phone is 802-684-2131.
It is quiet here today. We have a steady rain falling - probably needed for crops to grow after a few days of dry weather. Everything is lush and green - mostly everything is in full bloom. As usual, I have given up trying to get my flower beds completely weeded. The black flies (and now ticks) really make it a job I don't want to do. I haven't felt threatened by ticks before this year, but now I know they are definitely flourishing here, I am very aware and even my favorite walks around our lower lawn area have lost some appeal. Please be careful to check yourself…