Thursday, April 08, 2021

The Clock is Still Ticking, But . . . !

I went to St. Johnsbury to do errands this morning and there is actually green grass there! The road crew in Cabot did a nice job filling potholes along West Shore Road, and although the Danville end was pretty bad when I went out a little after 10 o'clock, when I got back a couple hours later, that stretch from Barre Avenue to Route 2 had been fixed, as well. That made me very happy because I'd been through the car wash and was not looking forward to slogging through the mud. I arrived home with my car still relatively clean!

 As of this afternoon, the clock was still ticking for the Ice-Out Contest, but the block was beginning to tilt as the ice darkened under the warm late afternoon sun. This has been a nearly perfect spring day with lots of warm sunshine, gentle wind and hardly any snow left on the ground.

The ice is nearly gone from the first two ponds - I expect both will be completely open by tomorrow; and the third pond is looking pretty dark. I received these photos from the Ice Out Committee late this afternoon. It looks as if the block could go down just about any moment. I was at Dian Rossi's yesterday with Joe Carroll from WCAX, and the block looked very stable then. Joe did a very nice piece  - not something I had looked forward to, but it turned out well because he is excellent at what he does. I enjoyed meeting him, having watched his Super Senior segments over the years. Believe me, being the subject of one of his pieces is not something that had ever entered my mind. First and foremost, there isn't anything "super" about me - and I rarely think of myself as being a "senior." It is my understanding that one of my regular blog readers suggested me. I was taken completely by surprise and shortly after I had agreed to the interview, wondered what on earth I was thinking. But Joe Carroll is a true professional and makes his subjects look good. As a result of his handiwork, this evening I've heard from several people I have not heard from in some time, and that is very nice. Thanks, Joe!

I am expecting to hear from Diane Rossi that the block has gone down and the clock has stopped VERY soon. It could happen tomorrow. I'll be here all day, so as soon as I have the news, I will post it here. We may not know the name of the winner(s) because there were an extraordinary number of tickets sold this year and Henretta is still busy logging them all in. Once she has every ticket logged and is able to search the data, it takes a little time to reach a winner. Within a few days we should know who won and how much the split is. It is an exciting time here at Joe's Pond!

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