Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Another Spring Day at Joe's Pond

 The spring weather continues here, warmer than yesterday and still no rain. The weather folks are warning that the fire hazard is high and to please not start any grass fires or burn any leaves when you are cleaning up, raking your lawns, etc. There is a pretty brisk wind out there as well, and that would be a huge danger if a fire got started. The wind today has kept the temperature from feeling very warm, but it is helping to push the ice around a bit - down the pond - but even so, the block seems to be firmly upright and in no danger of sinking yet.

Governor Phil Scott outlined what he and his Covid advisors believe will be the plan for opening up businesses this spring and summer. With more shots getting administered, the prospect for a near-normal summer is becoming more realistic. Here is what Vermont Digger relayed from his press conference today: Gov. Scott 

We are learning that some of our summer residents are returning earlier than usual this year. Walter Ruff plans to be back by the end of this month, and Andy Rudin will arrive a few days later in early May. I'm sure there will be others coming back, and we hope that the weather cooperates and is welcoming for them. We can have some cold, even snowy weather in May, but even so, the pond should be free of ice by then and there will probably be at least some green grass and fresh green leaves. It's always nice to get an early start on summer! It will be nice to have people back and more activity on the pond. If the governor's plan is valid, we should be able to safely have at least some meetings  and a few social gatherings. Once people are successfully vaccinated, the plan is that Covid will be managed the same as flu is now. We can live with that!

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