Friday, April 30, 2021

Rain, Rain, and More Rain!

We are certainly gaining on improving the water table in our region. I measured 1.15inches of precipitation this morning and it has been raining steadily most of today. I think it is going to get colder tonight and we may find snow on the ground tomorrow morning, but it all counts toward improving the drought situation. I haven't heard much about the pond being high, but with runoff from the rain today, I'm sure it will get higher in the days to come. We had a lot of wind today, too. Right now it is very quiet, and that's kind of a relief. With the ground so wet, the trees are toppled easily.

Karen Morris (Old Homestead Rd) asked me to post the following:

Last Fall our flat board dock section without sides, went missing. Please be on the lookout for it and if you find it, please give me a call: 802-839-0099.

Karen and Jim are not back yet, but plan to arrive next week. I believe the above is her cell number, or you can let me know and I'll get in touch with her. 

There will probably be more items floating around in the water, so when you get here and put your boat(s) in the water, be on the lookout as running into an object could damage your boat and even spill you into the pond. The water is way too cold for a swim right now!

I have good news on our West Danville history book - the committee selecting photos for the book are done and all that's left for them is to write or rewrite captions and then check to be sure everything is in its proper place. Our editor gets it one more time and then it goes to the graphic design artist who will format it ready for printing. It may not seem like a big event to most, but for all of us who have worked on the book and who are still laboring over it, it's a huge step forward! I'm excited as it should go smoothly from here on - and hopefully we'll have copies ready for you this summer!

Travel safely as you return to the pond. We know several people are coming back a bit early - some have already arrived. Walter Ruf is back and so is Andy Rudin. I hope they are keeping warm!

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