Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Good News!

 Finally, a great indicator that spring is here and summer weather is just around the corner - my favorite ice-cream/creemee stand is opening! I had a message from Hazel Greaves  yesterday.

Tootsie's and Butch's Harvest'ore are really "just up the road a piece, a few rods north of the intersection of Rt. 215 from Cabot and Route 15 from West Danville to Hardwick. It is also not far from the rail trail, if anyone goes past the bridge at the channel and navigates the yet-to-be-finished section going towards Walden. I'm sure snowmobilers know about Butch's - that's where there were at least two Sugar On Snow parties earlier this spring. Speaking of things maple - Tootsie's serves up a great maple flavored creemee you should try. It is the best!

I gat a little more yard work done today. It was far too nice to stay inside, and I would have liked to work a bit longer, but my back began to hurt and I knew I would lose a couple of days doing anything at all if I didn't go easy, so I left a lot for another day. I think we are going to have rain (or snow) showers for the next few days, so I'll have time to recuperate.

This is a great time of the year to work outside - no bugs! I do check for ticks, however - but so far I haven't spotted any on my clothing. I leave my garden garb in the garage, just in case. In another week or two the black flies will be out and about. Then I have to either spray myself with bug spray or stay inside, otherwise, I get chewed up and then my whole system is out of kilter for a few days. They really do a number on me. I don't like using the bug spray, but neither do I like swelling up and itching. Of course, black flies are another sign that spring is here - but not such a welcome one as Tootsie's opening or some of my favorite people returning to the pond from their winter homes. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, either individually or at a JPA function! Won't it be great to get back to something near normal? It's ben a really long and tedious year!

Stay well and travel safely as you return to the pond.

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