Monday, April 26, 2021

More Cold Weather

 It seems we have to pay a certain price for any nice days Mother Nature favors us with  lately. This weekend was pretty nice and all but a few patches of snow had melted by end of day yesterday; but this morning when I looked out, there was snow  d on the unraked dry leaves and on the woodchips in my flower beds, making everything look cold and gray. Across Route 15 the Walden hills had a snow squall moving through. Within a few minutes, we were getting a snow shower, too. I had an early PT appointment in St. Johnsbury this morning, and while it was a few degrees warmer down there, the wind was very blustery and made it seem just as cold as our 28 degrees here. On the way home, I ran into snow showers just below Danville and it has been spitting snow ever since. However, my thermometer is now reading 34 degrees, so it isn't sticking.

It looked like the water is fairly high in the pond right now. That is no surprise since we had a total of about 16-18 inches of snow over several days last week, and that would cause some extra runoff in the streams leading into the pond. The pond was rough with wind, whitecaps and waves beating on the shorelines. Not a good day to be out on the water, for sure.

Here's some news: It looks like Three Ponds Restaurant may be relocating to Danville, taking over the building formerly owned by Barrel to Bottle at the corner of Main Street (Route2) and Hill Street. There is considerable push-back from other businesses in the area, mainly the owners of Bently's Bakery and the Creamery Restaurant, saying there simply isn't adequate parking for a 45-seat restaurant. I'm sure they have concerns about the impact that could have on their businesses in other ways, as Three Ponds would be offering lunch and dinner and Sunday Brunch. Their move would be a loss for West Danville and Joe's Ponders who I'm sure liked the easy access by land or water, but the space there was very limited and often there was a long wait to be seated. I have no idea how many people they could seat, but it was more like 20, I'd guess.  Parking there was alleviated by the big lot across the road, but having pedestrians cross busy Routes 2 and 15 could be dangerous - as it would be at their proposed new location if people parked around the Green, as was suggested. It appears the Development Review Board has okayed Three Ponds proposal, but it could still be contested further.

Another proposal, this one by Hannah Morris for a temporary ice-cream shack to be set up between the town office building and Danville Restaurant and Inn this summer, was turned down by the DRB. A few years ago the town voted to demolish a building on that lot and turn it into a paved parking lot mainly for the town office building. That would preclude it being put to any other use without another vote by the town's residents. The lot was never paved and remains grass covered, but is occasionally used for parking. Morris will need to  look for another spot for her ice-cream stand.

That's about all the news I have from Joe's Pond today. If you are coming here within the next few days, wear your woollies - summer isn't here quite yet! We're gaining on it, though.

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