Saturday, April 24, 2021

Pretty Day, Spirits Lifted!

 Today is a beautiful one. I have been outside pottering, but found I had little energy once I found a spot in the sunshine. I would rather set up my lawn chair and bask in the sun than grab a rake and get some work done. Thinking better of getting an early sunburn, I came back inside after a short time, back to my computer.

It's nice to be able to report that most of the snow is gone and the temperature is in the high 50s. Early this morning there was absolutely no wind at all, and after several cold, windy days, it was very pleasant. I was amazed at how quiet everything was. Now the wind has picked up, but it isn't troublesome or intrusive, and will dry out the muddy roads, I bet.

I was thinking today of how, when I was growing up, I would search the roadsides for early May flowers and adder's tongues. There were special spots where they always appeared each spring. Now I'm afraid the roadsides have been changed so much many of those wildflowers are no longer in existence, but they still appear regularly in the wooded areas nearby and are a welcome sight when meandering along old logging roads and such.

I was interrupted here momentarily when Jamie and Marie came by, and then I became distracted by the nice weather and did a little work outside. I didn't have much energy, so I took time to just sit on the deck in the sun. It was very nice, with only a little wind. I can't tell whether it was what little work I did picking up some debris left by the high winds of the past few days, the sun, or something else, but now I'm thoroughly done in and ready to collapse in front of the television for the evening. Our beautiful day is disappearing rapidly and we are expecting showers (rain or snow, depending on where you live). So I have put away my deck chairs but I kept the snow shovel by the front door so it will be handy in the morning. No telling how much snow we might get!

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