Wednesday, January 12, 2022

On the Cold and Covid

 We all need a little levity right about now, and a couple of readers supplied that today! I had this cartoon from Andy Rudin in Philadelphia - as soon as I saw it, I thought, that could be any

of us year-around Joe's Ponders! We'd certainly look like that after about 20 minutes sitting outside on a lawn chair in this weather. The cold let up a bit today, but it's still cold, windy and gloomy. Tomorrow will bring some slightly higher temps, but then we are plunging back into the deep freeze over the weekend and the forecast sounds like a real snowy, windy start to next week. We're all looking forward to a January thaw!!!

Cousin Ora shared this cartoon - and that pretty much says it all. Nobody is exempt from this darned Corona virus. I guess we need to try to keep a sense of humor, but it gets harder as the numbers keep rising. 

Andy was interested in the amount of snow in the photos I posted yesterday from the 1940s or so. He mentioned that Cabot Plain must be at a pretty high elevation, and I was reminded that when I was researching for the Cabot oral history book, I came across information indicating that my family's farm was said to be at the highest elevation of any working farm in the state. I don't believe it could claim that distinction now, as it really isn't a "working farm" any longer. I'm guessing the farmhouse is at about 2000 ft. elevation, but the on-line elevation maps weren't loading tonight for some reason, so I couldn't verify. I found a map showing the elevation of Burbank Hill as 1980 ft., and I know the farm is higher than that. There is pasture land that was quite a bit higher than where the farm buildings are, and that was all part of the original farm that was likely considered in that "highest working farm" designation.

I got my eye shots this morning, so most of the day was spent off the computer. Unfortunately, when I get those shots, I can't read comfortably for a while, and I also discovered I need to wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day like today. I started to go for the mail this afternoon, but the driveway is completely white with hardly any tracks showing, so I was completely befuddled and I wasn't sensing up, down, east or west. My gyroscope was just not working at all. It was a good thing I had my walking stick (thank you, Jenness!) to keep my balance. I came back in and got my sunglasses and then I was ok. Both eyes are always dilated at these appointments, and that adds to the frenzy going on after the shots. Except for tearing, I'm pretty much back to normal now. And I don't have to go back until March, which is good news. 

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