Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Busy Week!!!

 We've had an unexpectedly busy week hit us full force, beginning Monday when we had a very unexpected but very welcome announcement that our book is being shipped from the bindery and we should have it sometime tomorrow - Wednesday!!

This took us completely by surprise as we'd been told it would take probably two weeks for it to make its way through the binding process. Not so! They put a rush on it, and we are now planning to make it available at the end of this week! Here's the information: 

The Danville Historical Society book publication:
West Danville Vermont, Then and Now, 1781 - 2021
 is now here and available to buy beginning Friday, December 10 & Saturday, December 11 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. in the basement of the Danville Congregational Church on Hill Street.

Cost of the book is $45 - Payment by cash or check please.
Masks are required inside the building.
Patty and I did a video at KATV this morning, talking about the book and we will have that for you soon, here and on the DHS website. We suddenly feel as if the world is whirling way too fast - Patty had made plans for presenting the book for sale during Christmas Week, but Patty has had to scramble to get things done for this weekend! It's exciting, but also pretty daunting. She is a trooper, though, and is mustering the DHS Board Members to help out.  She and I will be on hand Friday and Saturday to meet people and sign books if requested.
This isn't the way we'd envisioned the launch of the book, but this is no time to plan a big party, with Covid looming over us; and we do want people to have the book for Christmas. We are just very, very happy it is happening this way, even though it makes a lot of extra work to reorganize the best-made plans that had been set in place.
Hope to see at least some of you on Friday or Saturday, and for anyone who signed up on our "Wish List" - if you haven't already rec'd notice via email, you will shortly. Plans are in place for contacting each and every one of you. Whew!!

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