Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Last Chance Work Out

 We've had a couple of really nice days that have given at least some of us a chance to get last-minute outside work done. Yesterday I buttoned up the porch and took care of the deck furniture. The photo shows how bare the porch is now - and below, looking at the porch from inside. It is a bit dreary w/o the plants, furniture covered and everything battened down ready for snow and wind, and I am going to have to do something about that. I have an idea or two . . . more on
that later.

Today I did some edging around one of the garden spots Anita had weeded for me a few weeks ago and put away some stuff from the garage to make more room for the snow blower. We are expecting rain later tonight and into tomorrow, so I wanted  to get those few things taken care of, and now I think I am pretty well set for snow to come - whenever.

The pond has been filled to capacity for several days now, and seems to be in good shape. We've had enough rain so the back side of it is quite soggy, but I'm hoping that in time the hillside will dry out a bit. If the problem persists, it may be that I'll need to have some ditching done above the treeline - there are springs up there, but I had hoped the water would find underground paths into the pond. The pond is very still most of the time, and several nights recently it has frozen over with a skimming of ice. Not much wildlife in the daytime - at least, none that I've noticed. 

I'm very happy to announce that our book manuscript is now with the printer, Leahy Press in Montpelier. It is an amazing feeling to know that we have done all that we can and now we just wait to have the proofs, and if everything looks good, we should have books in hand very soon. There was a bit of a crush at the very end with some unexpected tweaks needed, but I can truthfully say we have absolutely done the best we could. It was interesting that the husband of our graphic designer (who lives in one of the Carolinas, I believe) read the manuscript as he was assisting his wife in the formatting process. He has no knowledge of or connection to West Danville or even Vermont, but he liked the book very much, read the whole thing, and said it reminded him of where he grew up in a mid-western town that had a similar small lake. We hope many people feel the same way.

Now I'm going to have to find another project - especially with winter looming. There won't be as much time spent outside, so I'll need inside projects to keep me busy. There are plenty to choose from - things I've intended to do or put off waiting for a more convenient time, and I'll try to remember what they were. Some are looming at me, like organizing my work spaces in the basement, or here in my office. But there are others that have been seeds of my imagination off and on over the years - I have lists and files to support those fleeting ideas - and all I need is to find one that inspires me to get going on it. Some are already started - others are just notes to myself. Most often, projects seem to find me rather than me coming up with them myself. I'll have to wait and see what comes about.

In the meantime, I hope you are shopping for your Thanksgiving dinner already because the prediction is that prices are going to skyrocket - if the product you are looking for is available at all. I noticed when I was at Price Chopper last week there were quite a few empty shelves. Canned goods may be scarce because there aren't enough containers available. Apparently there is a shortage of aluminum. Likewise, there is a shortage of bottles so our wine may be more expensive or unavailable. I read somewhere that "Lunchables" are in short supply and parents are having to either send their children to school with a sandwich, apple and thermos of milk in a lunch box or have them eat the lunch provided at school. I'm asking myself first of all, what are "Lunchables"? and then, what the heck is wrong with a sandwich made at home? Didn't most of us grow up having that kind of lunch? As for the other stuff - I'm sure we'll all manage somehow. We can still make our own soup, eat more fresh or frozen vegetables and fruit, and while I wouldn't look forward to a wineless winter, I'm sure I would survive!

However, I think all of this is a wake-up call. Society and America in general is being shaken up and learning new skills and finding ways to adjust to a new and different world we are all probably going to have to learn to live in for a long time to come. It will be a learning curve for everyone, but that's not all bad, and we're a resourceful bunch; I'm expecting good things to come from all of this!

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