Tuesday, October 05, 2021

New Hydrant

 This is good news - work was in progress today to install a "dry hydrant" by the bridge near Ned and Carolyn Hamilton's on West Shore Road. We talked about this back in the spring, but the town wanted to wait until fall to do the installation, when the area wasn't quite as busy, I expect. The water source is the brook (and ultimately Joe's Pond), so there should be plenty available, should it be needed. 

I snapped this photo when I came by late this afternoon. I believe the hydrant will go between the two posts you see here, just south of the bridge. That is the Hamilton's garage you can see on the other side of the brook.

It may not seem like a very important event, but for the growing number of people who live here at the pond year around, it is a very important addition to the community. In spite of being close to the pond, in the winter it is nearly impossible to get water quickly and easily. Now, water will always be available and all the firemen need to do in an emergency is to connect to the hydrant. The water source is there, under the ice and easily available! 

A big thank you to Cabot Fire Chief, "Skip" Bothfeld for following through on this project. We should also thank Carolyn and Ned Hamilton for working with Skip to find a suitable location for the hydrant. It is close to the bridge, on the town's right of way, but it is also kind of front and center to Carolyn and Ned's property.

It's chilly again tonight - a good night to stay by the fire and read or watch a good show on TV. I will probably do a bit of both - if I can stay awake, that is. I have gotten into a really annoying habit of falling asleep, usually during the news or a show that I really want to watch. I usually try to record my favorite shows because I know I'm likely to drop off and miss most of whatever. My go-to fix for that is to get myself a snack when I begin to feel drowsy; but I know that is not a good solution - and my expanding waistline confirms that! I have learned not to hold my cup of tea for any length of time, though. I have to either drink it or put it down, otherwise, I run the risk of spilling it in my lap. Not a pretty sight!

My main problem, I think, is that I'm in an unfortunate cycle. I fall asleep watching TV, then, when I wake up I am refreshed and rarin' to go, so I head for my computer and without fail, get distracted by emails, a project, or Solitaire - and therefore I end up not going to bed until sometimes the wee hours. And I generally wake up at about the same time each morning, regardless of when I got to bed, so consequently, I probably don't get enough sleep. Although, I tell myself that the naps I have probably make up for my crazy late-night hours. Oh, well, I'll work it out.

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