Monday, October 04, 2021

 Yesterday morning I was going to settle in to watch "Sunday Morning" on CBS in between doing loads of laundry, which seems to be my Sunday work schedule these days. After I finished my morning coffee, I went into my office to check my email Lo and behold, I had a bunch of emails from our book editor, each with a couple of chapters of the book ready to be indexed - 10 chapters all told, or about 1/3 of the total chapters in the book.

The indexing process is completely new and foreign to me, so I asked a few questions and then dove in. It is time consuming, but kind of interesting. It's like I'm reading the book in fast forward as I'm scanning each page for words with capital letters. I was surprised at some of the information I'd forgotten already, so it was pretty interesting. Fortunately, I had already started loads of washing, otherwise I would no doubt have been glued to the computer for the entire day without moving, except perhaps for lunch. As it was, I had to run down to the basement to check the washer and dryer from time to time, so I actually got a fair amount of exercise. I was able to go through eight chapters - almost 50 pages. Not bad for a start!

It was a good day to be cooped up inside. Cool and drizzly. I felt sorry for the people at the Autumn on the Green in Danville. That must have been a less than comfortable day hanging out manning those booths. Today's weather has been much the same. I actually took a walk at around noon time. I'd been sitting at the computer for a good part of the morning, working on the last two chapters, and felt I needed to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I don't think we had much, if any, rain today, but we did have fog and no sunshine. The warm house felt good when I returned. Today I finished chapters 9 & 10, another 25 pages, and I'm ready for the next batch.

So I went from nothing to do to having a full plate. That is always how things happen, I think. It's either "feast or famine." Late this afternoon, Jamie came by to see if he could get the water line to my pond going again. The flow had slowed and then stopped about a week ago, but we had no clue why. Jamie attached my garden hose to the hose from the spring above the house that had been running into the pond, and turned on the water full force. That seemed to clear things out, and now the water is running nicely again. We still don't know what was going on, but Jamie thinks loosened sediment from the old pipe was probably the culprit. Hopefully, it is flushed out now and it will be ok now. 

After being outside with Jamie this afternoon, my warm house felt awfully good when I got back inside. I am finished on my computer for the day now, and will turn on the TV to catch up on the news. I don't pay much attention to television when I have something more interesting to do. The news isn't all that interesting anyway - but I like to try to keep up with what's happening. And then there's the weather - I like to know what's in store for us weatherwise. Not that we can do anything about it, but it's always good to be prepared!

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