Sunday, September 05, 2021

Last Weekend of the Summer!

 There are quite a lot of people here for the final weekend of the summer season. Most come by auto, but we also had a seaplane visit on Saturday. Fun to watch. Diane Rossi was on her boathouse deck when this one came in to drop people off on shore.

This has been a very busy weekend for me, too. I've had lots of people stopping by - always a joy - and spent some time at camp with the family on Saturday. Today has been busy with not only visitors, but last-minute adjustments on the book manuscript. Everything is done, but there were a few odds and ends that our editor needed to clear up before she sends the completed manuscript to the graphic designer. From this point, we expect the process will go very smoothly. Stay tuned for more details, but if you have any interest at all in getting a copy (or more) of the West Danville history book and haven't already put  your name on the list, it would be very helpful if you would do that now. Send an email to: to sign up. That way, we will have a better idea of how many books to order and best of all, we will let you know as soon as the book is published and give you details about where to find it or how to buy it on line. 

Ben put the cap on my pond on Saturday and it has started to fill. The rain tomorrow and later in the week will help, too. There is very little left to do - some smoothing and seeding of the ground around the pond, and that will be it. I expect Randy and Arnie will be back sometime this coming week to put in the screens on the porch, and that will finish that! It seems like these projects have gone on all summer, but actually they didn't get started until mid=July and the pond only a couple of weeks ago. We will get things buttoned up by winter and it will be great fun to see things coming to life in the spring. I expect by then I will have a population of frogs and other wild things in the pond, and be able to see, hear and enjoy them bug-free from my porch! That will be a whole lot of firsts!!

I don't think I mentioned that Ben also did the area around my memorial bench. I am very

pleased with that - it was completely overgrown with bishop's week and now  it's opened up and beautiful. This picture was taken early this spring, and it only got worse during the summer growing season. Michelle Parker is going to clean the actual bench for me, and it will be like new. Ben was working in that area on Friday doing some finishing touches under the porch, and did the bench area at the same time. He is so good at this kind of stuff, and so is Shawn, who works with him. Whether it's working with the big excavators or smaller "hands-on" projects like the bench, they both really know how to make things look great. I will take a picture tomorrow to show you the results of their work on the memorial bench.

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