Monday, September 06, 2021

Blog Problems and Problems Solved

 Some of you have told me that you have had problems accessing postings on the blog. The reports I've had are that when you open the email (if you are a follower), the whole
post does not show up. Here's what is going on: The email notification will show you the beginnings of several of the latest posts. You will notice that the titles of those brief posts are in blue - so they are active links to the entire post. All you need to do is click on the title of the post you want to read and it will display all of it for you. If this doesn't work, then something else is wrong and I probably cannot help, but I do know that sometimes posts display differently depending on what device you are using. That is generally not a problem, but it might have something to do with the settings on your device. I don't know. I stumbled onto the reasoning I explained above when I learned that you were all seeing posts cut off at the same point, so after a little investigation I realized it is because email doesn't display the whole thing unless you click on the name of the post. Cool, right?

Moving on - I promised you a "before and after" shot of my memorial bench, and here it is. I took this picture early this morning. The grass will grow in so the lawn side will be better in a week or so, but hopefully it will be a while before the weeds grow back. They are tenacious, and I have no doubt they will be back eventually, but for the next couple of years, it should continue to look good, and I intend to keep after the weeds to keep it looking nice longer. A problem solved!

I am pleased that my pond is slowly filling and seems to be holding water perfectly. The upper side of the pond is still moist where there is water that will seep in from springs, and that will be good. The pond and dam are a perfect solution to the water coming down onto my lawn and now any overflow will be directed into the marshy woods where it will do no harm and where there is plenty of area with trees, grass and undergrowth to use it up. Another problem solved!

This is the final day of our Labor Day Weekend and apparently the weather is going to change after today when we will get some rain. That will help settle my pond and hopefully, help fill it up. I'm pretty sure the wildlife will find it quickly - if they haven't already explored it. I am going to set up my game camera after all the equipment is moved out and the back yard is quiet again. We had a lot of stones to play with and Ben used some to build very nice walls next to the woods. I'm planning on using the rest here and there - I love working with stones. That's a good thing because Vermont has plenty of them!

I'm hoping some migratory birds may decide to investigate the pond - no geese, though, please! - and next spring there should be some nice vegetation around the perimeter and resident frogs. The turkeys and deer will be around, I'm sure. It will be fun to see how it develops over time. I'm told it is deep enough that it won't freeze entirely this winter, so perhaps sometime I will put some fish in there. I'm not sure about that, though.

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