Thursday, March 04, 2021

 The past several days - well, actually, all this week - the wind has howled, snow has blown around and the temperature has been bitterly cold. This is March weather with a cutting edge. Even today, with bright sunshine, the wind kept the temperature feeling like near zero. Even St. Johnsbury was miserably cold. Next week will bring some relief!! 

It isn't unusual for this kind of weather to be happening in March. I've seen more than one Town Meeting Day that has been zero or below. Then there have been years when farmers were busy sugaring and couldn't be at town meeting. Those are exceptions, really. Mostly town meeting is just another pre-spring mud season days.

I have some lovely pictures to share - Mary Whitcomb was out and about just before this cold spell and got some nice shots of the Randolph area. She was at the town forest and took these photos of the snow shadows.

 Then the whale tails - always a great subject for photos, and these are exceptional. Thanks, Mary, Nice work.

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