Monday, February 15, 2021

More Snow Coming!

 I'm feeling much safer today - Gene Danis just finished shoveling off some of my roofs in preparation for the snow that's coming. There was a really big buildup - I hadn't realized how much or how heavy it is until I went out to clean off the canopy over my basement door. I couldn't get it all, but it was so deep and heavy it had already sprung the door so my storm door wouldn't open all the way. That's when I put out the call for Gene.

Any of you who are looking for someone really efficient and experienced to do your roof - give Gene a call. His number is 802-473-6257. He showed up on time, got the job done quickly and cleaned up the snow so my doors and decks are clear. You should keep his number handy. He's not only thorough, his rates are very reasonable. 

`Now we wait for the next round of snow to hit us. Sometimes these storms don't amount to much, at least by Joe's Pond standards. We're pretty used to heavy snowfalls and windy conditions. But still, it pays to be prepared.

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