Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Not So Much!

 We dodged a bullet with this storm - at least this first blast. I measured only three inches of new snow this morning, but by the time I got out there (I always measure at about 9 a.m.) we were getting a fine, misty rain and the snow had packed down a lot. Those three inches yielded .63 inch of water, though. Really soggy. 

I had to go out at about noon today and the roads were fine. There was still a mist in the air, but it didn't seem to be freezing onto surfaces. I don't know how high the temperature got, but I think it remained below freezing most of the day - but not by much.

It's pretty amazing what is happening with the weather across the nation right now. Southern states that have never experienced snow and cold weather are truly suffering. It's amazing that a state like Texas is having such a hard time with power outages. As hot as it gets there, it would seem that if they can handle extreme heat they should be able to handle the cold as well. Really bad for a lot of people who are totally unprepared. Our weather patterns are certainly skewed, and even though I've heard people say that these swings occur "every few years," history has not recorded anything like this before. There have been unusual years, but not like we're seeing now. I heard today it was colder in Austin, Texas than Anchorage, Alaska. I think of my granddaughter in Austin - she wanted to go to someplace warm for her last two years of college. She's ok, and certainly knows how to handle snow, but we still worry because of the power outages. Hopefully the school has emergency plans so she will be ok.

Stay warm and safe.

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