Friday, August 02, 2019

Update on Town Dock in West Danville

On 8/1/2019 9:19 PM,Joe wrote:
      Jamie Stewart and I attended last nights board of selectmen meeting when once again the issue of repair of the dock at the outlet of Joes Pond was discussed. Despite our best efforts it seems quite clear the select board is unwilling to repair the dock because of their concerns over liability. Adding the dock to their existing policy would cost $20.00 for physical damage and the liability would just be added to the existing policy. However being “prudent” from their perspective, they seem to be unwilling to take any risk a claim might be submitted. We even offered to assume maintenance responsibilities, but to no avail. They elected to pursue two options. One, having the dock added to the West Danville Community Club’s policy or two, the possibility of deeding the property to JPA should the membership agree.
     We firmly voiced our opinions about the select board's inaction and reticence and plan on attending future meetings to keep abreast of the situation. We share everyone's concerns and frustration in this matter and still hope a solution can be reached.

Joe Hebert

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