Sunday, August 18, 2019

Final Sunfish Race and Awards Ceremony

Hi Jane
Another challenging day for the racers - there was very little wind and when there was wind it kept changing direction! 
The winners for the 2019 season were:
Single Division
1. Jack LaGue
2. Jay Chatot
3. Rob Stewart 
Double Division 
1. Lee Erdman and Charlie Roberts
2. Geoff Carnes and Jack & Sawyer Carnes/Hunter Moran (different racers on different race dates)
Lee Erdmann and grandson Charlie Roberts

Jack LaGue at the finish line.

Slow start for today's race, no wind!

Joe Hebert, Susan Bouchard, Mark Smith and Jack LaGue

Lee Erdmann, Charlie Roberts, Joe Hebert, Susan Bouchard and Mark Smith.

Jack LaGue, 1st place, Jay Chatot, 2nd place, Rob Stewart, 3rd place.

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