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Monday, July 03, 2017


I hope lots of you enjoyed the fireworks last night.  I watched from our deck and it seemed as if they were coming right at me sometimes - great view.  It must have been the angle or perhaps they were going higher than other years, but we've never had such a good view of them as this year - in spite of the tall trees between us and the pond.  

It was a bit chilly, but I was only a few feet from the warm house and a cup of hot chocolate.  Fred was planning to join me, but our cat, Woody, picked that moment to be sick.  You know how cats are, sometimes.  Woody, for all of being a big, robust cat, has a tender tummy and we have to be sure he doesn't eat too much, too fast, hasn't been eating grass, etc.  When he gets upset at not being able to go out at night, his stomach gets upset and he loses his supper, too.  I know, more information than you need.  Anyway, Fred had been watching the ballgame until fireworks got started, and I was already out on the deck.  By the time he had things under control with Woody, fireworks were done.  That's the breaks when you have pets.

On the other hand, Bill, Monika and the girls were intending to come up and we were going to join them on the pontoon boat to watch fireworks, but just as they were getting packed up to come to camp, Monika was unexpectedly called to work at NVRH, and didn't make it home again in time.  I think it probably all worked out just as well for all of us, and perhaps the family will make it to camp tomorrow.

Does anyone have a Joe's Pond Cookbook - published a few years ago - that they would consider selling?  If so, Marti Talbot would love the hear from you.  Please give her a call at 802-563-3335.

I have had several inquiries over the years asking for the cookbook, but they seem to be scarce as hens' teeth.

Enjoy the Fourth tomorrow.  Another "dry" day, weatherwise! 

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