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Friday, March 31, 2017

We're getting the wet snow as promised - it didn't get started quite as early as expected, but by supper time tonight it was beginning to stick to our driveway and the road by our house.  The road is still very bad coming off of Route 2.  I left a message about it a couple days ago for the Danville road crew.  Today when we went for the mail there was a traffic cone by the big hole over the culvert, but nothing had been done about the really, really bad potholes and washboard along the flat by the Hamilton farmhouse.  I understand - the road crew knew this storm was coming and the snow would fill the potholes, and with any luck it will be a while before the snow melts and they have to think about potholes and washboard  again.  The mud is appearing like living, growing slime monsters in a few spots on our road regardless of the weather.  In some places it's working from the outer edges of the road towards the middle; in other spots it's on the edges, waiting to slither under the tires and pull your car into the ditch.  I can only imagine what some of the mudholes will be like with five or six inches of wet snow mixed in.  If we actually get that much.  Tonight it looks as if we might be on the lighter side of the storm and get only 2-3 inches.  Oh, well, that's part of the fun of living on a back road in Vermont.
I'm showing you a couple of photos - the top one we took yesterday when the sun was so bright and it was beginning to look like spring; the bottom one was taken today on West Shore Road - but not where the mud is really getting bad.  There are some pretty gnarly spots already, but we've seen it much worse, and expect we'll see it a whole lot worse in the weeks to come.  

We stopped to see Diane Rossi for a few minutes today and while we were there, a snowmobile went back and forth on the pond and some ice fishermen with portable shelters by the fishing access.  The ice isn't showing any sign of melting on top, but perhaps it's beginning to underneath.  Hard to tell.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Joe's Pond Ice-Out Contest, so be sure you get your tickets in the mail or drop them off at one of our outlets to be sure they get included in the contest.  You can get tickets at most outlets until close of business tomorrow (Saturday) or on line until 11:59 p.m. Saturday.  After that we wait for Mother Nature.  Thanks again to everyone who is in our contest this year.  We'll keep you posted on ice conditions and let you know as soon as the block sinks and the clock stops.  Stay tuned!

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