Sunday, January 09, 2022

January Weather

 Here we are, just into the new year and a new month, and already we've experienced above normal temperatures, then a fall to below zero, and today a really bad mix of warmth and cold resulting in freezing rain. Roads are treacherous and road crews are busy. No forecast that I've seen had predicted rain. Snow later today, but nothing like what we're getting. Son, Jamie, went to Marty's to gas up the truck he uses to plow with and said when he went down, everything was fine, but on the way back, rain had coated the roads with ice and cars were having a tough time staying between snowbanks on Route 2. He made it back home ok, but he's used to all type of winter driving and is prepared with good tires. Sometimes, even the best drivers with well-equipped vehicles still have problems when unexpected circumstances like these arise. I'm sure the road crews will have things under control soon, but in the meantime, those who can stay put are doing so.

I recently saw a list of the 10 top New Year's resolutions for 2022. Among them were the usual, to lose weight, get more exercise, and eat healthier; but there were some I hadn't expected. Spending more time with family and friends was low on the list; also to take care of mental health, or find a new hobby or some other new interest. 

These less frequently mention resolutions seem to reflect where many of us are these days as we try to figure out how to keep our sanity and still interact with family and friends who may be either carrying a troublesome virus or be particularly susceptible to that virus. People also mentioned wanting to travel more. Of course. We all want to get back out there, wherever "there" is; but we want to be safe and respect others' safety. It's a tough decision, sometimes. 

I never did make serious New Year's resolutions. I might have reminded myself that starting a new year would be a good time to change some old habits, but I probably never followed through, as I don't remember ever failing to keep a resolution - which makes me believe I never really made any. I think I'm a realist in many ways. If there are things I want to change in my life, I will either find a way to make that change or find a way to accept whatever and move on. Things have a way of righting themselves and while the beginning of a new year may be a great time for some to make changes in our life, for most it just doesn't work. Statistics show that 19% of people who make New Year's resolutions keep even some of them and only 7% keep all of them.

The article I was reading went on to say that there still is a benefit to making those resolutions, and that is that everyone is better if they have goals. The philosophy is that even if we fail to keep them, there is some benefit to learning about ourselves, being resilient if we fail and therefore growing in the process. I can understand that. Maybe I'll try making some resolutions next year.

I got together for a glass of wine with friends yesterday afternoon and learned that the space formerly occupied by the Three Ponds Restaurant has been taken over by someone -  possibly for an antiques store. Many local folks were hoping another restaurant would open there, especially since Sambel's food truck may not return next summer. Looks like Jenny at Hastings Store will need to expand food options. They have been doing a pretty good job with ready-made sandwiches and home baked goods, but I can see Garey having to get up even earlier than he does now to keep up with the demand for muffins and baked goodies; and Jenny will need to expand her "ready to eat" offerings.

Three Ponds will open at the corner of Route 2 and Hill Street in Danville in the spring. So next year there will be options a-plenty for food in Danville Village with the Danville Inn, the Creamery Restaurant, Bentley's Bakery, Papa Tirozi's Pizza and Bakery, Marty's 1st Stop, and Three Ponds Restaurant.


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