Thursday, November 18, 2021

Here Again, Gone Again!

 All that beautiful snow we had is now gone! Everything warmed up during the night and this morning there were big bare spots around my house; shortly after lunch, it began to rain and now there isn't a trace of snow anywhere! That will change within a day or so, I'm sure, and right now it doesn't look great for Thanksgiving Day travelers.

I think it's time to put my bird feeders out for the winter. It will be a lot more comfortable getting them placed now than trying to do it later. One goes on my window near my chair - that's the one that the bear knocked down this spring. I may put it a bit higher on the window this year. I have another hanging one that I need to find an appropriate place for. A Place where the squirrels cannot jump to reach it. I have a supposedly "squirrel proof" feeder I just purchased. If it works and they actually are baffled by it, it will be a first! They are very clever.

When we lived at camp years ago, we were overrun with squirrels at our bird feeder. We got a couple of have-a-heart traps and I don't know how many trips I made transporting those creatures down to Woodward Road to release them in a wooded section away from any houses. I knew it was a futile attempt to control them, but back then I had no "search engine" to find other possible solutions. A neighbor recently borrowed one of those traps to try to capture a squirrel that has been troublesome. Last I heard, the squirrel was still active, but she did catch a bluejay! I've read that some of the birdseed on the market today is treated with a pepper solution that is supposedly harmless to birds (and they cannot taste it) but that squirrels don't like. Worth a try if all the bird seed is being stolen.

Unfortunately, many people I've talked with recently are frustrated about their Thanksgiving plans again this year. With more Covid outbreaks all around us, people are keeping gatherings small, or are celebrating by themselves. A few people told me they will be traveling or are having out-of-state guests, but they are insisting that everyone be immunized and get tested to be sure they are healthy. It's disheartening to have to still  take those precautions, but I'm afraid it's only going to get worse from holiday activity. A bit worrisome for older folks like me, and others who have health issues or cannot be vaccinated, but it may be the way things will be for a lot longer than we'd anticipated.

Speaking of older folks, sometimes I crack myself up for doing something ridiculous. One morning this week I switched my routine around so I showered and got dressed before I made my bed. When I was making the bed, I couldn't find my nightgown to tuck under the pillow. I remembered hanging it in the bathroom when I showered, but it wasn't there; I searched the bed and bedroom and there was no sign of it. Completely baffled, I went into the hallway to look in the bathroom again, and as I passed by a full length mirror, something caught my eye. My nightgown was attached in back of me! Somehow, apparently when I sat on the bed to put on my jeans, I got the nightgown tucked into the waist of my pants! Obviously, I'm sometimes not fully awake first thing in the morning. I had a good laugh at myself and went on with my day.

 I've worn things wrong side out or put my tee shirt on backwards a few times, too. I'm pretty sure everyone has done those absent-minded things from time to time - even if they aren't old timers. Shirts and blouses get buttoned wrong all the time. It's part of being busy and going by feel and habit rather than paying close attention. Anyway, that's my excuse. But I do try to remind myself to slow down and think before I act, especially now that I'm older, less agile and by myself. Dangerous things can happen in a split second, and that's how serious injuries and accidents happen. So,slow down, stay safe, and check yourself in a full-length mirror, front and back, before you go out of the house!!! It could save some embarrassment.

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