Sunday, September 12, 2021

Surprisingly Nice Sunny Sunday

 I was totally surprised that today turned out to be so nice! I thought we were certain to get rain and possibly hard T-storms, and while the sky looked threatening from time to time, the rain held off and it was very pleasant. 

My newly-excavated back lawn has dried out a bit and I was able to explore the perimeters this afternoon without sinking ankle-deep into mud. A few weeks ago, the area was totally off limits - a wasteland of stagnant water pools and scrub trees, marred by the big machine used to harvest the timber a few years ago. The trails we'd walked when we first came here were gone and making new ones was completely impossible without employing more machines to dispose of tree trunks, roots and boughs on the soggy, wet hillside. It is still wet where there are springs, but at least a large portion has now been reclaimed and will benefit wildlife again. I will let the grass grow in large portions, cutting it only once a year in the fall to give cover to ground-nesting birds and other creatures. There are brush piles that will slowly decompose and in the meantime give shelter to other small animals. There have already been visitors investigating the pond. I've picked up bear and raccoon poop, and there was a good clear paw print of what I think it was a fox or a  young coyote. Hard to tell. I'm sure there have been other visitors, but my game camera has been giving me all sorts of trouble - first the USB card was set for right protection and then the batteries gave out. Now I think it is operating ok again.

Dotty and Bob Noyes were out walking on Friday and sent me this photo of the Rubalcaba camp that was taken down on Barre Avenue. The Rubalcabas are building a new home there, and it will be interesting to watch it taking shape in the next few months. Another of the older cottages gone. It's sad to see that happening, but it's wonderful to see the new places that are being built for year-around use. Forty years ago, living year-around at Joe's Pond was something only the bravest or most foolhardy dared to attempt. Fred and I were among those early crazies in the 1980s. We loved the isolation and occasional challenges; but we were young and nothing fazed us. Actually, we never really left - just moved up the road a piece. And I must admit, the winters have been milder and the roads far better, especially in the spring (!), than when we were first living at our camp on West Shore Road.

Another couple will be Joe's Pond year 'rounders, but this year they are looking for temporary housing for the winter months. Here's the email I got today from Ray Walker on Channel Drive:

My husband and I are looking for a winter rental on Joe's Pond or surrounding area. We are not winterized yet at our camp and have been sidetracked with numerous medical issues with my husband most of the summer. Do you know of anyone who might be able to rent to us Nov.21-April 22?
 Thanks in advance. 

Ray (Hoar) Walker

If you would be willing to rent your home while you are away this winter, or if you know of a possible rental unit, do contact Ray. He is the Performing Arts Instructor at St. Johnsbury Academy, and can be reached by phone (919) 522-0823 or email:

That's it for now - I'm hoping to have some wildlife photos to post one of these days - if the game camera is actually operating the way it's supposed to. One more thing that Fred was good at and I am having to learn to deal with!

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