Thursday, February 11, 2021


 I get regular notifications from the UVM Health Services folks about Covid, and when I opened this latest newsletter, I immediately recognized one of our own: Sophie Connors. I thought I could post it, but the link wouldn't work (or it may work for you, I can't be sure!). Congratulations to Sophie, who is 105! I'm happy she got her first Covid shot. She is now at Joe's Pond with her daughter and son-in-law, Joanne and Jamie Stewart. Probably not the kind of winter she'd hoped for (she traditionally winters in Florida), but she's being a good sport about having to endure the Vermont winter cold this year. I wish I could assure her we're near the end of cold, miserable weather, but that really isn't possible. Truth is, March can be a real trouble-maker, so we don't want to even hint that spring is "just around the corner." That corner is at least a month or six weeks away.

This morning there was only a dusting of snow on the deck, but it remains pretty cold. The sun is trying to shine, but there isn't much heat in it. Here we are at almost high noon and the temperature is still only 20 degrees (It changed from 19.8 just as I was reading the gauge!) The sun does not hit the sensor for my weather station, so that reading is always colder than the reading I get from the deck thermometer. When I want to feel good, I look at the one on the deck - when I want a more accurate reading, I check the weather station. Some days I just don't want to know how cold it is!

If you are finding there are more than the usual number of typos in my blog entries lately, it's because I am having problem getting my eyes to focus. When the UVM records were hacked it caused a lot of appointments to get messed up, and I ended up going a little too long between shots for my eyes. When I realized what was happening, I got emergency care a week ago Wednesday - and hopefully that stopped the decline, but my vision is not back to where it was. The text on my computer screen seems to move in waves as my eyes move across the page, and this leads to vertigo - so I have to limit my time on the computer or reading. Watching TV is getting better, but faces are squished and I don't even try to read text. I'm hopeful it will all get better with time. None of us is getting any younger . . .

Stay healthy and safe!



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