Sunday, September 06, 2020

Today's Race Results!


                                   Lee Erdmann and Jack LaGue, season winners, 2020.
                                    Photos by Rosie Smith.

Hi Jane,
We had a beautiful day for the final Sunfish race for the 2020 season.  Mark and Rosie Smith hosted the post season celebration on their lawn which was the perfect setting to honor the winners and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Caledonian Cup.  Ned Hamilton was there to help us celebrate this milestone as he was instrumental in getting the Sunfish Sailboat races started at Joe's Pond and he was the first Commodore when these races started in 1970.

The winners for today's race were:
Single Division:
  1. Paul-Jon Patin
  2. Nicholas Patin
  3. Jack LaGue
  4. Jules Chatot
  5. Jay Chatot
  6. Nick Wood
Double Division:
  1. Lee Erdmann and Matt Nichols
The winners for the overall 2020 season were:
Single Division:
  1. Jack LaGue
  2. Jay Chatot
  3. Jules Chatot
Double Division:
  1. Lee Erdmann with Ava McCann/Matt Nichols
  2. Geoff Carnes with Sawyer Carnes/Cale Barker
  3. David and Caroline Porter
I will forward photos in a separate email. 
Kind regards,

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