Monday, August 31, 2020

Pearl Island Unveiled!

 Karen Cobb sent these pictures of Pearl Island - all finished and spruced up! It is beautiful - cozy and charming - a great place for a young family to enjoy Joe's Pond. It is wonderful to see the island looking so nice and I know they will love spending time there as their children grow up. Henry's grandparents would be very proud and happy for them, I'm sure. My thanks to Karen for taking time to send the pictures to me. Nice conclusion to the story!

We learned today that there will be a big fireworks display on the evening of September 6. They will be set off from the property of Garry and Marion Cairns, who bought the former Jules Prevost home off of Route 15. Since that is on the middle pond, they should be visible to everyone on the first and middle ponds; and probably a good share of people on the third pond. The poster says it all - except the rain date if the weather happens to be uncooperative. I'll post that as soon as I have the information. It's a great way to end the summer season - thanks to businesses sponsoring this event.

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