Monday, August 24, 2020

Notice from JPA Board of Directors




     Since we are unable to have association meetings this year, the Board of Directors is utilizing this platform to make you aware of a recent determination by the Board and offer the members an opportunity to provide feedback.

      As you may be aware the tennis/pickleball courts have been deteriorating for some time with more significant changes observed this year. Certainly in Vermont, outdoor courts are constantly susceptible to damage from our extreme winter climate and ours is no exception. We have been aware of cracks in the surface for some time but recent changes have resulted in our conclusion that repairs are necessary to avoid further damages.

    After reviewing estimates we had two options; 1, repair the existing cracks for approximately $20,000; or 2, repair the cracks followed by the new application of 1-½ inches of asphalt over the existing court which should provide more long lasting protection. That option would cost about $33,000.   It is important to point out that with all outdoor courts in Vermont, there is always the likelihood of eventual recurrence of cracks. I would also add that the courts were originally constructed in the 1940's with a major rebuild in the 1970's and overall remain in good condition.  The board also strongly feels that to continue to neglect repairs would result in the eventual loss of a valuable asset to our JPA community.

    To date, individuals participating in the last three annual tennis/pickleball tournaments have raised over $14,000. We are especially appreciative of their efforts. In addition the surplus for the recreation fund generated by the $15 addition to our dues the past three years amounts to approximately $9,000 and this fund will continue to grow. Thus we have between $23-24,000 already earmarked for these repairs.

    After considering all of the options and the amount of money already earmarked, the Board unanimously elected to pursue the second option which will remedy the current problems and provide a longer period of protection. Some preliminary work would be done this fall with the bulk of the work occurring next spring/summer.

    Lacking the current ability to have a general meeting, the Board would like to solicit opinions of the membership.  The purpose of this correspondence is to provide you, as a member of JPA, an opportunity to have input before any final decision is made. Please feel free to contact myself or any board member with any questions or comments.           



     Joe Hebert, President


     Board Members

     Don Sherwood -

     Jamie Stewart -

     Jack Lague -

     Larry Rossi -

     Sue Bouchard -

     Peter Crosby -

     Pam Hebert -

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