Sunday, July 05, 2020

First Sunfish Race of 2020 Season

The results of the race today:
It was a beautiful sunny, breezy day for the first Sunfish Sailboat race for 2020.  
The winners for the Single Division were:
  1. Seth McNay
  2. Jack LaGue
  3. Jay Chatot
  4. Jules Chatot
  5. Butch Bouchard

and for the Double Division:
  1. Lee Erdmann & Ava McCann
  2. Geoff Carnes & Charlie Petrycki
The next race is scheduled on Sunday, July 26 ~ race will start promptly at 1pm.  
Lee Erdmann (white sail) and granddaughter Ava McCann placed 1st in doubles race; shown in front is Jules Chatot who came in fourth in the singles..

Seth McNay finishes 1st in Singles race.

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