Sunday, July 21, 2019

Pickleball Report!

 rom Tom Segale, Sunday evening after the Pickleball Tournament Saturday a.m.:

Hello all,  I wanted to send a quick note out to everyone who participated and helped out with the PB fundraiser tourney, from bringing chairs, snacks, water, pop-up tent, taping the courts and especially donations. So far we have raised just shy of 2k but the money is still coming in. We had 26 participants and plenty of spectators!  We had 3 courts going on for the first time at the Pond and it was definitely needed. Congrats to Kris Erickson for the most wins and Julie and Thierry for the doubles champions!

We hope to have the new nets and new painted lines coming soon.

I think the biggest complaint was that the pickles were not from Vermont!  We’ll change that next year. Thx again to all.  See you on the court.

A special thanks to Julie and Thierry for bringing this pickleball thing to the pond. I’ve enjoyed getting to know almost all of you:) (joke) -Tom
These keys were found at the courts - if you recognize them get in touch with Tom Segale, 617-909-0960.

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