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Thursday, January 26, 2017

We've had a really nice day with temperatures in the low 40s and even some sunshine.  The ice is mostly gone from all the trees, ready for the next "winter mix" heading our way tonight.  We've already had a little rain, a little snow, and the thermometer is slipping downward gradually.  At 4:30, we're at 34 degrees, and it will no doubt go below that before morning.  The weekend is going to be much colder, so all the warm surfaces will ice over and folks will be slipping and sliding again if they aren't careful. 

We went to St. Johnsbury for groceries and haircuts this morning.  It was like spring everywhere we went.  As we drove out of our driveway, it was like a heavy rain shower when we passed under the branches of one of the big spruces next to the driveway.  All the way down West Shore Road we were in and out of "showers" and I had to turn on the wipers.  Everywhere we went in town there was lots of water in the streets from all the ice melting.

We heard this week about some fellow in Maine that had tapped some maples and was getting a good run of sap.  He said he was actually making some very good quality syrup.  This morning when I was outside checking my rain gauge I could hear some crows in the distance making quite a racket.  They probably have a roosting spot nearby and were excited to have awakened to sunshine after so many dreary days.  Just guessing!

We took pictures as we were rolling down West Shore Road.  It was really pretty.  By the time we got back about 3 hours later, the ice had almost all melted from the trees, the town truck was pushing snowbanks back to make room for runoff and more snow, and it felt way more like late March than late January. 

The top picture is down the road from our house, the second is at the top of the hill by Talbot's looking towards Route 2.  Then Fred got this closeup of the ice formations.  There was a little more buildup of ice on things this morning, and just a skimming of snow that helped define each branch and twig.  We got only a trace of snow, but enough to take a little of the sparkle off the ice.

In case you haven't noticed, on home page you'll see a comment from someone who is looking for a cottage to buy at Joe's Pond.  

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