I was meandering about on this site today, doing some "house cleaning" deleting old drafts that never got published, etc.  One of those proved to be a message I wanted to share and thought I had - but apparently I was interrupted and forgot to go back to it.  So here it is now:

A while back, our neighbor, Tom, sharpened some knives for us.  He has a day job, but does this on the side.  I gave him some paring knives I'd had in my cutlery drawer forever and they were all dull as a hoe.  There were a couple in the lot that were definitely favorites, but that I'd given up on them because every time I pulled one out to use, it was too dull to be of any use.  I had nearly tossed them any number of times, but hated to part with them - I've had them forever.  Anyway, Tom took them and in a few days brought them back unbelievably sharp.  I was so pleased, and every time I use one now, it's such a pleasure. I bought a new-fangled ceramic knife a while back, and that's great, but we learned the hard way not to try cutting anything that is frozen with it.  Besides, it's not a paring knife.  Just in case you have some knives you'd like to have sharpened up, here is Tom's site:  knife sharpening. Did I mention - he picks up and delivers?!


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