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Sunday, August 06, 2017

This has been a pretty low-key day for us.  What to do on a coolish Sunday afternoon?  We watched the remake of "Dirty Dancing" - now I'd like to see at least some of the original again.  I wasn't all that impressed with the remake, but it was interesting, and the songs did take us back in time.

Here's something for avid skiers, hikers, dog lovers or friends of same - middle son, Bob, and his dog "Cherie," hiked and skied Cannon Mountain in April. Bob had told us about it - after the fact - I would have been more than a little worried if I'd know he was doing that alone.  I don't know - Cherie is a great little dog, but she's no "Lassie" and I'm not sure she could have summoned help if it was needed.  I trust Bob had his cell phone with him - but even so . . . things happen.  He has a "GoPro" camera - or something similar, and made a video.  Those of you who know Bob know he has been composing and playing music most of his life, and the music in the video is all his/him.   It was fun to watch, and thanks, Theresa, for sharing it with us.

In case some of you want to go to the pig roast at the JPA pavilion on Saturday, the 12th, there are still a few tickets left.  Do get your tickets soon, though - they are $18 and you should contact Michelle Parker at 802-229-8565 to let her know how many tickets you need.  It's a great feed, and the last big dinner party of the season at the pavilion, so don't miss it.

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