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Monday, May 08, 2017

Adding insult to all the wet, dreary weather we've been having, now it's snowing.  We had a low of 31 degrees last night and I wouldn't have been surprised to see the ground white, but here we were still green.  Up in the hills of Walden and Greensboro, however, there was snow on the ground until mid morning.  This is going to continue through at least tomorrow, and perhaps beyond.  The weather forecasters are saying temperatures are definitely below normal for this time of year, but old timers know there can be snow on Memorial Day.  Seems like every few years we have a hard frost just as the apple blossoms are forming and orchards are sometimes badly damaged.  I don't think the buds are very far along yet - although I've seen cherry blossoms along Route 2 on the way to St. Johnsbury.  Spring will get here, in spite of the way it seems right now.

I just received an interesting photo from a woman in Burlington.  It is of a barn and garage at the Pirie cottage (now owned by Patty Pirie Coffrin and her husband, Dwight) on the narrows between the middle and big pond.  I'll see what Patty knows about it.  It seems to be a very substantial building.  It was taken by Fred F. Pirie who was Patty's grandfather.  I don't remember any such building being there, but perhaps someone does.  I'll be interested if anyone knows anything about it.

That is about as exciting as it's been around here today.  Diane is picking up the 2018 Ice-Out tickets, so they will be available at the spring meeting on May 27th, and also at Hastings Store at about the same time.  The winner of this year's contest, Emily Wiggett, will receive her check at the spring meeting.  We'll be happy to meet her - she is Danville's music teacher and is well known in the area.

Now I'm going to go into the kitchen and make comfort food for our supper - and bake some cookies for good measure.  This darn weather is adding inches to my waistline . . .

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