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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Here are the pictures for this morning - not much change. We has a low of 31 degrees last night, so everything froze up.  Today it's going to be warmer, but still only in high 40s or low 50s - except in the sun, perhaps it will get a little warmer.  We're expecting 70s on Thursday, and
I'm thinking that might do the ice in and the clock will stop.
Diane said it was very hard to get a picture this morning due to the sun shining so brightly.  Nobody is complaining, though.  It's been several days since we've seen sunshine, and we're really happy to have a pretty day.

Don't forget the buffet supper a week from today at the Danville Inn.   This will be a great meal, and it's for a very worthy cause.  It's important to have a safe place for these little animals that find themselves homeless for one reason or another.  They need medical care and food, and all that costs.  Through the generosity of Steve Cobb at the Danville Restaurant and Inn, and the KAS volunteers, this a really nice way we can help. 

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