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Thursday, March 23, 2017

We had sunshine today, but it was still cold, and last night the low was as expected, in the vicinity of zero degrees.  There has been a blustery wind all day, but it's been nice to see the sun.  Now we're bracing for some rain, sleet, snow and general misery again for most of the coming week. 

When I was at the bank in Danville this morning, there was quite a conversation going on between tellers and customers who had been stuck yesterday morning trying to get up the hill into Danville from St. Johnsbury.  There were tractor trailer trucks hung up after having to stop for the traffic light coming into Danville.  A good many of us locals knew a light there would seriously snarl traffic in the winter.  Yesterday we had just enough snow and the temperature was such that it packed down and turned to ice and vehicles simply couldn't move once they'd stopped on that hill.  After the road crews got things moving again, the light was switched to blinking so traffic didn't have to stop unless there was another vehicle in the way - and drivers are usually good about letting traffic through on a grade like that.  

Lots of folks are really fed up with winter at this point.  It seems there have been an unusual number of cold and flu bugs this year, too, and it's time for a break with some warm air and sunshine.  I had a message and this picture from Karen Cobb in Virginia after she had read one of my blogs about the weather and decided perhaps we could use some cheering up.  Obviously, the poor dog is sitting in a snowbank, too.  We know the feeling.  Thanks, Karen.

 We took some pictures yesterday - the top one is of the Ice-Out flag, barely visible above the snow.  You can also see how the wind was moving the snow down the pond - and what doesn't show is how bitterly cold it was.  
    Then I took the next picture as I waited for Fred to get the mail at the West Danville Post Office.  It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon - but dark, dreary and very cold, and of course the wind was blowing a gale.  The snow was plastered on the porch of the store.  There were a few people out and about, but they didn't linger on the porch to talk.  In weather like this, a wave is about all anyone can expect.  Spring IS coming - but when?

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