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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lots of folks along the east coast are bracing for a big blizzard during this coming week.  We expect some snow, too, and the preview seems to be frigid weather - below zero the last two nights and expected to be about zero again tonight, with wind, probably.  It's been bitterly cold even though the sun was bright most of the day.

I had this message from Tom Dente in Connecticut this afternoon:
 Hi Jane,
March is all winter here in Connecticut. Snow is forecast to begin early Tuesday and end after midnight Tuesday. I copied the accumulation map for CT. and Mass. Oh…and they tacked on a blizzard for some of the day on Tuesday. Second one this year. The first was on February 9, 2017. Will Spring ever get here!  Tom & Camilla

Tom also sent this map showing snow amounts they are expecting down there.  Last I heard, we'll get around 6 inches or so, so we may be far less impacted than further south and east of us. 

It has been bitterly cold here for the past two days - below zero each night and today, although there was bright sunshine, the thermometer didn't get much above 10 degrees all day.  There has been a mean wind, too, and that puts the wind chill really low.  My weather station has a wind chill low of -40, but I have no idea when that might have been.  Sometime last night, I expect.  Not much relief for the next few days, and snow on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I don't think we'll see the amounts Tom will be getting in Connecticut, but the weather is not going to be pleasant for a while yet.  No spring in sight!

The snow mobiles were out and Diane Rossi got the picture above.  I hope they stay away from the rope that is attached to the Ice-Out setup.  It looks as if they were just close to it.  It must have been a cold ride.

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