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Sunday, March 26, 2017

As we head into the final week of the Joe's Pond Ice-Out Contest, I've sent notices to several TV and radio stations.  I sent a photo of our flag before and after the Nor'easter last week and she said she would have it on tomorrow (Monday) - probably noon and perhaps evening as that's when she does the weather.  We took one of the photos I sent on Thursday when the weather was pretty wild and we couldn't see the eastern shore of the pond through the blowing snow out there.  A friend of ours has a sugar woods in Berlin and said he came to Cabot Plain on an errand last week and was amazed.  He called it going from spring in Berlin to winter in Cabot.

It's been a really nice day today and the road actually got a little slimy where it melted on surfaces where the sun hit.  It's a long way from mud season, but a nice break from the deep cold - although last night was below zero again.  Diane Rossi reported something like -3 and Shelly Walker reported -9.  We weren't quite that cold, and tonight my weather station is still showing 31 degrees.  We are expecting freezing rain tonight and/or tomorrow - on the scanner the reports are rain and 34 degrees, but I expect that's in the St. Johnsbury area.  It is colder here, so may be freezing on.  Could be messy for people getting to work tomorrow.


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