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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

We got another 4.5 inches of snow yesterday, then some rain last night that left a hard crust on the snow, but didn't bother the trees at all.  I think it was because it's been so cold the rain froze to the snow but the air kept the trees warmer.  It got to about 40 degrees today, but now is back in the low 20s and expected to be colder tomorrow for a few days.  Actually, the forecast is for a sub-zero night tomorrow (Thursday).  Looks like we won't be getting the heavy snowfall predicted for the southern states and some of southern Vermont, perhaps.  We have two feet on the ground at my stake - more in some areas, much less in others.  The mountains are doing very well, even with the rain we had last night. The rain on all the snow we got yesterday made it very heave, and it took Fred a long time today to clear the driveways with the snow blower. 

I mentioned an accident I'd heard on the scanner this weekend near Island Pond - it turned out to be a young woman who worked at U-32 school in Montpelier,  Laurie Angel, 37.  There's no doubt snow machines are dangerous, especially for inexperienced riders.  We don't know what actually happened, but it's very sad.

When we went to Burlington yesterday, the roads were bad and we noticed along the interstate there were numerous state police watching the traffic, and at least a couple of cars had been stopped.  People do tend to go too fast for the conditions - there's something mesmerizing about the interstate and before you know it, you are traveling well over the speed limit.  Every time a car passed us (and lots of them did!) our windshield got covered and the wipers could barely keep up with it, especially when big trucks passed.  

We are fortunate we normally don't have to go - but yesterday it was important as I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist.  That went very well and I'm back at my computer today.

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