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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


by Frederick Seidel

Snow is what it does.
It falls and it stays and it goes.
It melts and it is here somewhere.
We all will get there.

This poem was sent to me by Andy Rudin.  The snow here has fallen and it stayed - but now some has melted and gone, presumably seeping into the earth "somewhere,"  which for me, makes the last line a bit depressing.  Perhaps there is deeper meaning I'm missing?  Thank you for sharing the poem, Andy.  I'll have to think about it more.

Today was not the day to be in the woods or for finding refuge under a tree.  All the snow and ice and slush on the tree branches was melting, and when I walked at noon, the only showers were where there were branches overhanging the road - which was much of the way.  Even the power and telephone lines were dripping.  Now there are alternating rain and snow showers as the temperature begins to lower and a new front begins to move in.  We can expect some wind, too, according to the forecast. 

I haven't seen an obituary for our friend, Doris Demick, Evelyn Richer's mother, but if you would like to send a note or card to Evelyn and Ray, their address is:  104 Harleyview Dr., Monroe, NH 03771.  I'll post the obituary as soon as it is available.

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