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Friday, August 12, 2016

Today was sweltering, in my book.  Our house is normally nice and cool every morning because we have all the windows open at night - but this morning it was muggy inside as well as outside.  We went into town to meet a cousin of Fred's and his wife from Florida.  They had been visiting in Maine, so we met at Riley's and had a great lunch.  We hung out with them until mid-afternoon, and it was very comfortable in the restaurant.  Lots of people came and went while we were there, but it was never awfully crowded, so we weren't holding anyone up.  It was very hot outside, though.

We got home just before the downpour.  My measuring tube ran over, but the over-run is caught in the larger tube so I'm guessing close to two inches fell today.  I'll measure exactly tomorrow.  I expect we'll have more rain during the night, if the forecast is correct.

We are thinking Woody may have changed his habits due to his recent close encounter with some scary predator.  He has been content to either stay in with us or come in soon after dark these past several nights.  He came in a few minutes ago and is now safely in the garage with his kitty door locked.  Normally he would be knocking on the door and pestering to get outside, but so far all is quiet.  He can lie on the stoop and see out the window into the driveway and that seems to satisfy him.  We don't expect this to last - I'm pretty sure his natural tendency towards nocturnal hunting will eventually surface again.

No word from the family in Namibia, but we know they are in the midst of the wedding right now, and from what Monika has told us, weddings there entail several days of celebration, so it may be a while before things calm down and we hear from them.  I'm anxious to see pictures.  I know Tangeni (Monika's sister and Little Tangeni's namesake) will be a beautiful bride.  She looks a lot like Monika.  And we're eager to see our granddaughters all dressed up and taking part in the wedding.  After the big wedding ceremony and reception, with white dress and all the coordinated colors for attendants,  etc., there will be a "traditional" ceremony when the whole wedding party will don colorful gowns and shirts and there will be feasting and more celebration.  For another day or two.    Everyone in town is welcome, from small children to elderly neighbors.  In fact, Monika's 100 year old grandmother will be there, whooping it up like everyone else. 
Monika said she doesn't like riding in a car, but for her granddaughter's wedding, she's going to do it.  We didn't actually count her when Monika and I were figuring out who to make flowers for, but a little voice told me to make an extra corsage, just in case.  Monika and sister Tangeni (soon to be "Doctor" Tangeni - she's going to medical school in China!) are delighted that Grandma will not be left out.  I hope Bill gets a picture of her, too. 

 This is Danville Fair weekend - tough luck having it rain.  I hope they get a break during the day tomorrow so the parade isn't rained on and people will still be able to enjoy the fun.  If you plan to go, better take your umbrella just in case.  

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