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Saturday, July 09, 2016

What a rainy, coolish weekend this has been!  Lots of neat events happening today, but it must have been hard for people to enjoy in between showers and then the temperature dropping significantly (it's only 56 degrees as I write this).  We turned on the heat late this afternoon, just to take the damp chill out of the air.  I suppose we'll get back to 80s and possibly 90s as forecast for next week, but for the bell raising at Lower Cabot School today, the outdoor festival in Newport where the "Hitmen" were playing, and the steak dinner at the JPA pavilion, it would have been nice to have had a little less rain and "fresh" air. 

Jamie and Marie said the steak dinner was really good.  Sorry we missed it!  We had planned to go to Newport to hear Bob and the Hitmen, but with it raining so hard, we decided to try to catch them at Island Pond on the 22nd, instead.  By the time we made up our minds, we figured it was too late to get tickets for the supper.

This has been a sad week - not only did we learn Buggy Morse passed away, but also a friend in St. Johnsbury, Doris Damon, died.  Then this afternoon we learned our former close neighbor, Don Encarnacion, died today.  Many people here at the pond will remember Don and his late wife, Mary, who lived just below us on West Shore Road in the house now owned by Jay and Kate Chatot.  Don has been very sad ever since Mary died, and has been in an assisted living home in St. Johnsbury - the same home where Mary spent her last months.  Don and Mary were good neighbors, and we had many great times with them.  We celebrated our anniversaries together - they were married in June only a couple days from us, but of course years longer - so we frequently went out for dinner to celebrate together.  

The years take a toll and things change.  The older we get, the more funerals and memorials there are to attend, unfortunately. 

On a happier note, I understand there are about 15 sailboats signed up for the race on the 17th.  That's really good news - it will be nice to see all the sails out on the water.  It is shaping up to be a really nice event.  We'll hope the weather cooperates, but if it doesn't, the race will be held on August 14th.  

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