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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Air Boat

We had another visit by an air boat this evening.  Those things are incredibly loud and unfortunately, whoever owns it stayed longer than the two or three other times they have visited the pond this summer.  

Several people have been in touch with me tonight complaining about the awful sound, but because the pond is public water, I doubt there are any laws being broken - although I did have a report that it "blasted through the narrows" when it was here one other time.  Apparently it throws up quite a wake as well as being loud, and that is bad for the shoreline.  There are mufflers available, according to what I've read on line, but apparently this boat does not have any such device installed on it.  Even at our house, well away from the pond, it sounded like an airplane flying very low  and actually interfered with our hearing the news on television.  I can only imagine what it would be like for people right on the water.  These boats are made for large expanses of shallow water, like the Everglades in Florida - although they are being phased out there - and certainly are not a good fit for a small body of water like Joe's Pond.  As far as I can tell, there is no noise ordinance in either Danville or Cabot - and it might not apply to the pond anyway, because it's public water.  

If you know who has this airboat, it would be much appreciated if you would tell us so someone could contact the owner and perhaps work out a compromise.  Or perhaps someone has been able to get the registration number on the boat.  For now, we can only hope whoever it is turns out to be considerate enough to not visit here often.

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