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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Loon watchers will be happy to learn that Sam Lewis has reported there is one chick with the adult loon pair.  He saw the family together for the first time yesterday evening, and said the adult  loons were being very vocal.  I gather they are proud parents and want the world to know!  Thanks to Sam for letting us know about the new arrival.

Some of you may be interested that we've had some items for sale posted to the "comments" page.  We have had a "For Sale" page for a long time, but people began posting to the comments page, so Fred has taken down the old page hoping to make the web site more user friendly.  There have also been new postings to the Real Estate for Sale page, if you are interested.

Ray Rouleau has just put a new sign at the entrance to the boat access, showing the cottages that have access from that road.  Good job, Ray!  As many of you probably know, Ray and Evelyn Richer had done our signs for many years, but they have sold their home to Scott and Geraldine Pelok, so Ray Rouleau has taken over painting the signs, along with maintenance of all our road signs and being our "official greeter" to newcomers.  We try to keep road signs updated, but sometimes we don't get the changes in a timely fashion (my fault for not keeping on top of things around the pond!).  I check with town clerks from time to time, but I don't like to bother them too often, so really appreciate when people let me know if a neighbor has sold or that someone new has bought their camp.  Please also let either Ray or me know if you see damage to one of our road signs around the pond, or if there is an error on one so we can fix whatever is wrong.  Ray's number is 563-9921, or mine is 563-2381.

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