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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Joe's Pond Fireworks!!

Don't forget the Joe's Pond Fireworks Display scheduled for July 3rd, with a rain date of July 5th.  

Don Sherwood, head honcho for fireworks, reminds  everyone that the fireworks are set off from the rail trail at the north end of the pond near Channel Drive.  To see them well you should be either on the water in the big pond (but south of the islands, please!) or on a hillside overlooking the big pond.  Views are not good from the public beach in West Danville, or on either of the two smaller ponds.  Lots of cars drive up Davidson Drive, off of Route 15, or park along W. Shore Road anywhere you can see the sky above the islands.  Just please be sure not to block traffic as these are public roads and there will be some through traffic - and possibly emergency vehicles - needing to pass by.  

If you go out on the water, please have running lights, life preservers, and keep your speed down.  Traffic on the water is generally high before and after the show, and we do not want any accidents to mar the evening.  Be courteous and enjoy.   Also, please be aware of the loon family.  They generally are able to dive to avoid boats, but with so much traffic in the darkness, there is some risk for them.  

The fireworks display is made possible by all of you who purchased Ice-Out tickets!  Aren't you glad you did?  We are!!!


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