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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pontoon Boat Trailer needed

I had this message this morning: 

We are looking for a used Pontoon boat Trailer to fit an 18 foot pontoon.   It's only for Winter Storage so something older and inexpensive would do great.  If you know of anything available, please call:  Marc Gregoire,802-476-7798

Not very nice weather here today - 45 degrees with a north wind  that makes it feel like winter.  Besides that, it's raining off and on.  Things are turning green nicely, and the trees are beginning to soften with leaves.  It's like the seasons move ahead in spite of, or maybe because of the weather - hard to tell which.

I expect before the day is over, we'll have some snow showers.  I looked at our apple tree yesterday and the buds aren't far enough along to be damaged unless the weather gets very cold, but it's still discouraging to have snow in the forecast.  Pretty typical for the middle of May, but all the same, everyone is anxious for things to warm up and stay warmed up - not keep up this yo-yo action we've had for months.

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