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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Mark your calendar - plan to join the fun, North Church, now United community Church, in St. Johnsbury. Click on the poster to make it larger so you can read the fine print!

Friends of George Karnady, who recently lost his wife, Pat, will be happy to know his family joined forces and worked out a plan for him to move from Florida so he can be closer to his children and grand children - I think there's even one great grand child!  How time does fly!  I've had word from his daughter, Jody, saying the four Karnedy Kids, their spouses and children have all pitched in and are "circling the wagons" to assure George has a safe, comfy home with lots of loving support.

Here's the new contact information for George --

Until 7/1:
George Karnedy
77 Deer Park Road
New Canaan, CT 06840

After 7/1:
14 Karas Way
Goffstown, NH 03045

No phone yet for Goffstown, but Jody's number is 603-497-8593.

George will close on his new house in Goffstown soon.  Jody said it is within about 8 minutes from her home.  In the meantime, he's with Scott and family in New Canaan (Jody's house has lots of difficult stairs; Scott's house has a first floor nanny's suite that George has settled into nicely).  

Sounds to me like George is doing well, thanks to Jody, Scott, Mike and Gary, et al.

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